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Clipping a cats claws

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I have 2 cats that are indoor cats. One of them refuses to allow me to clip her nails. Her vet gave me some sedatives to give her for when i need to clip her nails and I tried those and they just make her meaner than usual. Her last trip to the vet required her to be put to sleep so they could give her her yearly exam. Other than having a bad attitude she is healthy. I have even tried to clip one nail at a time to no avail. Her nails are long enough that we can hear her walking across the floor because they click. I dont have a problem with her scratching furniture or any of that. I am worried that her long nails may cause her discomfort. She does scatch on cardboard boxes. Being as she loves boxes so much we keep a few around for her to play with. What other options can I try to clip her nails. I dont want to sedate her again and a trip to the vet will mean her being put to sleep which can be costly. She is a siamese. I dont know if that matters but my other cat is fine with me clipping his nails.

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We do our cat's claws on the weekend, around 2pm when they're sleepy. Lately they even purr when we do it. Granted, they're kittens so they're getting pretty used to it, but you may want to try that.

Also, if your cat is being troublesome, there's nothing wrong with holding her firmly. We have two people do it so we don't hurt anyone, so one person holds and the other person clips. We don't need much force to hold our guys but in your case you might for the first couple times. Try to get a few claws done at a time, and then let her go and give her a treat. Then the next day do a few more. Juniper hated having it done for the first 3-4 times, but now he's really good about it.
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I have tried about all i can think of. I even tried rubbing her paws so she can get used to them being handled. And we tried with 2 people doing it. Even tried wrapping her in a blanket. If she cant scratch she will bite. I dont know why she acts this way. She has since the day we got her when she was 6 weeks old. I used to take her to the vet and have it done and the last time she bit the vet and drew blood.

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You've had her since she was 6 weeks old and she cannot be handled or nails clipped? Something is wrong here! Where did you get her from? I've never known a cat that bad.
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That does seem very odd... Though my Tomas is that way with anyone other than DH and I -he did nip a vet tech at his first vet visit and growls every other time.

Did you try to force her to be held as a kitten or accidentally clipped a claw too short? Maybe you need to slowly rework at gaining her trust enough to let you handle her paws. Treats help, if she's a cat that responds to that. If you make a post in the behavioral section concerning getting her to trust you/calm down while being held and handle you may get a bit more responses and helpful suggestions.
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I always had the vet do her nails until recently and they have never clipped them too short. I think it maybe the sound she dont like. We can hold and pat her so thats not the issue. She dont like getting the flea treatments either but she dont act near as bad as when when clip the nails. When i do them i just take very little off cause i am scared to clip too short. I dont want to drug her everytime we clip her nails. I think once a year for exams is enough of that. I tried a scratching post thnking it will wear them down but she wont use the post. I even tried putting cat nip on it. Yesterday I tried when she was relaxed and i was able to get one nail done and she slapped those clippers out of my hand too quick.
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Do you "hesitate" when doing them? What I would do is to put her on my lap firmly, hold her (even if its scruffing a little) and take her paw and clip - with a slightly firm grip so she can't pull back. If she attempts to bite then I'd let her bite the nail clippers first and tell her "NO" in a very firm voice.

You have to be in charge. BTW are you using dog nail clippers or the cat scissors that are like a small pair of scissors? I like the scissors ones better.

You can always bring her to my house - haven' had a cat yet that I could not clip nails one way or another. Even offered Nial (with his Bengals) to bring them to me to clip....

Besides - I like a challange - and don't want to ruin my rep as a good nail clipper
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If it's the sound she doesn't like would she let you try another method like filing the tips? I know that's not perfect but it might be a stepping stone to getting her comfortable with having her nails handled so you could trim her claws eventually.
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Have you tried wearing her out (playing with da bird or laser for an hour or so) then wrapping her up very snug in a towel and holding each paw (the others are wrapped up) while someone else (or you) clips each nail?

Make sure you are using cat clippers. And don't be nervous, kitties can feel our feelings and pick up on them. I have one indoor kitty, I do nails weekly. I just wrap her in a towel and cut the nails, and it is quickly over.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
You have to be in charge. BTW are you using dog nail clippers or the cat scissors that are like a small pair of scissors? I like the scissors ones better.

I found that out about the clippers - my shelter kitties didn't like the nail clippers I was using, human clippers my boyfriend lent me and had used on his cat. Took too long to position and made a terrible crunching noise. The next time, I bought some - small scissor type - much faster, quieter, easier to use and less stress. And we od'd on treats while we were doing it. Much, much better result, especially with the really timid one. My BF liked the difference so much that he said, next cat he would switch to the scissor-type.
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