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Poor dog!!!!

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The windchill here was 25 degrees below zero this morning and it looks like someone in my town may have left their dog inside a parked SUV overnight. My son was waiting to meet someone downtown this morning when he kept hearing a dog barking but couldn't find it. He finally realized where the barking was coming from...

We got a couple of inches of new snow Sunday evening and it was really obvious that the SUV hadn't been moved since then. I told my son that he should call the police if he ever saw a situation like that again.
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That's horrible! That someone would leave their animal in a car in those conditions-they don't deserve to be sharing their lives with any living creature.

Hopefully, your son will know what to do if he ever comes across something like that again.
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Here, it is illegal to leave a child or animal, alone in a car. That's, mostly because of the heat but, cold can be just as deadly. Cops are legally empowered, to break windows and remove a pet, impound it and bill the owner for boarding fees, as well as a fine.
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You're right Lorie - poor dog! How awful. Cindy - every place should have such laws.
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You or your son should drive back there (provided it's not 2 states away or something hahah.) And see if the dog is still in there. If it is, call the police.
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That is so sad!!!!
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