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still waiting!!

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well just thought i'd update you all.

We are still waiting on the kittens to make their arrivals! Gismo has become a little smaller!! (she is eating for england so she should be massive) and she is not bothering with nesting anymore! (does that mean she will have them on my bed, which is were she lays all day)

we have seperated her from the other animals as she really doesnt want them near her!(lots of hissing and scrathing going on when they came near her!)

can still feel something squirming about in there but its obvoiusly not ready to come out yet? maybe i will have some presents on xmas morning after! or new years presents!

she seems to have been pregnant for ages!! hurry up little bubbies!!

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How exciting! Its like opening a present, unless its soft (then you know its clothes) you never really know what you're going to get! Could be orange, grey, tabbies! The sky is the limit!
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