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A Purrfect Match

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Wouldn't it be funny if there was an on line dating site for cats. What would your cat's profile be? Here's Popsies.

Hi, I'm Popsie. If you are looking for an older companion I might be the one for you. I am 16 years old but still full of the dickens. My only draw back is I like to sleep a lot but don't let that fool you. When I'm awake I like to cut loose and go crazy. Ladies, if you like class I'm always stylishly dressed in a tuxedo. I enjoy dining on dry and wet food as well as a variety of treats. I can't give anyone kids as I am fixed but if you're looking someone to be goods friends with then consider me.
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Hi! I am Butzie, your on-line love interest, and I can't wait to meet you in person after our TCS dating. You know I am a tiger stripe tabby with very sexy white markings. I love to play with pipe cleaners, so bring me a green one, my favorite color. My cat door is open for you, Sweetie.
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too cute.
I can't post profiles for my boys 'cos I think they love each other.
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