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Question regarding diet and itchies

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I have had my kitten for just over a week now. He was on Felidae at his previous place, but that is not available in my town. I have been buying Nutro Complete Care Pate as he has trouble with chunks in gravy, but I had to feed him Friskies one night at my parents as I ran out of good stuff. He threw it up 8 hours later, and not sure if it was the food or him being sick, I fed him chicken and rice mixed with warm water for a day.

Now he is back on Nutro and finishing his bowl each time.

He had started being itchy about 5 days after I got him, but we thought maybe he had contracted fleas. I used revolution on him, even though we couldn't find any signs of fleas, but he still seems to be itchy. He scratches his head, and the area just in front of his ears seems to be turning pink, but it doesnt appear to be wounded. Under his chin is a patch of missing fur, but I think that is from playing rough with my 1 year old cat.

I have no concrete reason to take him to the vet, other than it seems that he is scratching more than normal. He visited the vet 3 days before he was shipped to me, and the vet records are coming in the mail. He received a clean bill of health, has all his shots up to date, including rabies. The breeder I got him from is clean and disease free.

I am wondering if he could be having a reaction to a change in food, but I have advice from a vet that Nutro is good food for allergic animals.

Maybe I will take him to a vet here anyway, I just wanted to let him settle in a bit more. My cat was tested for FIV/P, Leukemia before the new kitten came.
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you may have a very ingrediant sensitive baby.... For the most part YES Nutro is considered to be less allergenic but remember anyone can be allergic to any protein...
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it depends on what your kitty is allergic to, assuming it's a food allergy.

I would take kitty to your vet just in case...
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Like others have said, it could be a food allergy.

Do you live somewhere that is very dry? I do and the foster mom I adopted Chloe from told me that she avoids beef products because for some reason it makes them itchy? I don't know about that but it just shows how one food allergy or sensitivity can affect an animal.
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Actually, the site with the highest rainfall in North America is 40 minutes from where I live, Henderson Lake.

He doesn't seem as itchy today, but I did make him an appointment. I just didn't want to take him for no reason as I trust the vet that my breeder used. Vets in my town are famous for overcharging on check-up visits.
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If you go back to the main screen and click on BEHAVIOR, go to the post "is my cat neurotic" by siddy meowmy. She is having the same issue with her kitten and she posted some pictures. It looks pretty bad. There are a lot of replies for her post. Hope it helps!
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