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Originally Posted by fathom View Post
Oh, my husband just called and Scott went pooh behind our TV. Our last cat went pee back there, do you think Scott was trying to cover up the scent? Or this this something we should be worried about?

Sorry for all the questions. I am a little nervouse having two new cats. Thanks!
I would say it probably smells back there since your other cat peed back there. You need to buy some good urine cleaners and clean the area so it does not smell.
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They also have a special light that you can go around your house with to detect the urine. It comes in handy sometimes!
I would think he was just trying to mark over the smell though, thats just my opinion though and Ive been wrong before...
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Good morning all! My husband bought one of those Bissel Spot cleaners and cleaned the area (it not smell afterwards like it did when we would clean it would our old carpet shampooer). We also moved the litter box and food to the living room area.

Last night before dinner time I gave Chip a steam bath and it really helped his nose. We only had one issue, after the steam bath we heated up some of the wet food and put it down in the new area for him. Instead of eating it he started to scratch at the blanket we had put down under their food dishes. I kept thinking he must have to use the bathroom and the smell is making him think that's the litter area. I kept putting him near the litter box but he would not go in. My husband had to stay up last night and he told me that Chip was meowing a bit but then they both finally used the litter box in the new area.

I even put some new wet food out before I went to sleep (not warmed) and neither of them touched it. They do eat the dry food though.

Do you think Chip was associating the smell of the wet food with the litter box?
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Congratulations on your new kitties!

Was he scratching around the food like he was trying to cover it up?
Often times, if cats are not hungry they will try to "cover" the food so they can come back for it later.
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That is a good question. He went back a few times and scratched at the area, maybe he was. At first I moved him over to the litter box then I decided to see what would happen and the last time he scratched and then walked away from the food.
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Mine will scratch to cover their food. They all do it, so I'm thinking it's instinct.

One thing I would call your vet and ask about, as Scott and Chip have already been exposed to each other is potentially getting the antibiotics and treating them at the same time. I'm not too up to date on URI's but I believe they are contagious.. so it may be better to see if they can be treated simultaneously especially if Scott is showing symptoms too. If you end up treating them at different times they may just pass it back and forth which will result in a much longer treatment period and ongoing issues.

A suggestion about the litter box issue is to put multiple litter boxes around the house. I'd put one, at least for a few months, in the area close to where they are pottying inappropriately. As long as they're kittens, keep in mind they're babies and may not make it a long distance to potty (just like kids, sometimes they don't realize they have to go until they *really* have to go)..a little later on, when they're a bit older, you can reduce the litter boxes to one per floor, possibly, although I'd also keep one in any room they may be locked into for any length of time.

A note on the food, water and litter box.. they should ultimately, all three, be in seperate places (according to cat behavioral studies).. a cat's natural preference is for them to be at least across the room from each other. That being said, mine have them all in a relatively close proximity and we have no issues with it..

A number of people (and books) recommend treating a soiled area with a product called Nature's Miracle. I've been pretty successful with just steam cleaning, but I have an industrial strength carpet steamer so, that may be why.

One other thing, I noticed that you mentioned Banfield. I have all of mine on plans at Banfield, and I swear by my vet there. He's awesome. Keep in mind, though, and you'll have to contact them about this to find out the details, that their plans are preventative maintanence, not insurance, but much like insurance, I believe that when I talked to them about a cat having an issue and putting them on the plan, they said that there's some problem with ongoing illnesses, but it may have been that they won't use things like included blood tests and so forth to detect those issues.. (my vet, however, has and will do whatever he can to reduce the cost and if he can use something on the plan so it's free, he'll do so). He doesn't necessarily abide by what Banfield itself says. The point there was, I'd check into what they cover if one of the kits has a chronic illness. The great thing, and the biggest reason why I have mine on it, is because I get free office visits.. CRAP!! I stepped on you, it's time to see Dr. B. Did I just hear you sneeze??? Off to Dr. B. Is that vomit? Who vomited? Off to see Dr. B.

Why are you crying while you're in the litter box? Why aren't you eating, why are you shivering.. is your paw hurt? Yes, needless to say, I'm a pain when it comes to the babies, but Banfield is an excellent source of preventing (and saving me money). I don't even believe in yearly vaccinations, but even without those, I still save a ton of money taking them for checkups. I'm probably a bit more over the top than most, though

Anyway... congrats on the little darlings!!! Kitties are wonderful!!!
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Good point about bringing them in for preventative issues. I am actually going to bring in Scott tomorrow for a check up and to get him enrolled in Banfield. So I will see if they want to start him on the antibiodics. The only thing I have noticed with him are runny eyes, but they are clear.

Regarding the litter box, they are both around 8 months and already potty trained so I think it had to do with the smell from my last cat. I will look into Natures Miracle today on my lunch break. Thanks!
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Update on Chip and Scott.

Chip is doing much better. He is running around playing and very energetic. His nose is much less runny and he sneezes less.

I took Scott to the vet and they said he sounded a little congested so they gave us some antibiodic (a smaller supply then Chip) and also eye ointment. Poog guy is not very happy with us. Twice a day we have to give his medicine. He did do very well at he vet. He seemed pretty relaxed when it was just us. He stayed next to me the whole time, and let me rub his tummy and purred. He did okay with the doctor's although he did not like it much. We have to take both of them back on Wednesday for a follow up and their full exams.

I hope Scott will forgive us soon! I would like him to trust us. He does still lay in bed with us but is leary when we walk by him otherwise.

Oh, and Scott did poo behind the TV again, so I cleaned it up and picked up some pet enzyme spray, then I got two boards and covered the area so he can't go back there. I also picked up a 2nd litter box.
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Glad to know that they are doing better and that the vet visit went well! It really is rewarding taking care of those in need... it's definitely makes a bond b/t you two.. I'm having to give both of mine medicine daily..pills, liquid, drops... not fun or them or for me... but don't worry... after they've calmed down, love on them and they will love you back!!
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Well, my cat is terrified of me because of medications I have to give him.
He doesn't let me nowhere near him if he can help it.
He's never gotten over being sick and medicated that first time he got sick.
And every time he starts trust me a little he gets sick again, then he has to get medicated again.
So, he is scared of me.
Every time he sees me coming he runs away.
Hopefully most cats aren't as freaky as him.
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Yeah Scotty does run away when he sees us. After a few tries he warms up to us. Everyday we have to start over with him. What we have started doing is holding and petting him after we give him the medicine to let him know that it's okay. The only time he really comes up to us is if we are on the couch. He will come lay with us and Chip and then let us pet him, but any fast moves and he runs away. He does eventually come back.
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I'd do a little "clicker" training with them. Get a dog clicker (available at most pet stores for about $3-$5).. every time you feed them, click the clicker. Also, do a small session where you're giving them some treats, and click the clicker, and then follow it with a treat. This will associate the click to the treat.

Once you've done that.. about a 15 minute session with the treats will do it. Clicking when you feed them will also help keep the association. Once you've got them associating food with the click, then start doing things like petting his head. When he doesn't "pull away" or moves toward and treat. Make sure that you click and treat when you are medicating and ... that means, probably, someone else clicking while you're medicating, because it needs to be clicked *while* the medicating is actually taking place, not just in the general time period. This creates a positive association to the medication, and will help him associate good things rather than negative things.

Just make sure that you don't click when he's fighting you.. and you may really want to start out just clicking when you pet him and he doesn't pull away, or when you pick him up and he's relaxed. you could also click the medicine bottle..I'm sure he recognizes it. Just bring it out, put it somewhat near him, so he sees it. Click & treat. Move it a little closer, click & treat. Just make sure you never reinforce a negative behavior/reaction.

I've used this a little bit on my crew, and it works pretty well. They were starting to take to grooming pretty well. They've also mostly learned to sit for food.

Anyway, I'm using this technique, as I can, with my Mau, who was made handshy with pretty much the same things happening that you're going through.. she had to be medicated as a kitten on her eyes and the woman attempted to force her to be a shoulder cat... between the two, I've got a frantic, crazed, don't pick me up mass of screaming Mau on my hands.. clicker training is working a bit with her but I haven't really concentrated on it too much with her because she's so hard to single out to work with given the other nut cases.
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