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Kitty commercial

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Has anyone seen the commercial where this guy calls home and apologizes to who everyone would think is his girlfriend about going away and leaving her behind and that he hopes everything is ok etc....

Looks like he is on a ski trip somewhere?

Anyways, the camera takes you to where he is calling and there's this little coffee table set up with pictures of this guy with his........kitty! About 5-6 of them. And over there, on the love seat is kitty with a newly torn apart seat!

That'll teach him to leave her home alone!!!!

And of course....the vocals are great. I love the growl right at the end! And the tail flipping that kitty does just makes me howl!

Too funny!

(I don't know which cell phone company it is though...)
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I havent seen that one, I will look out for it - it sounds cute!
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I love that commercial! I think it's for Telus, but not sure because I keep focussing on that couch!

I can just imagine the first time we leave Nakita alone. I bet that will be my couch!

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Must be a Canadian ad.
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It's totally perfect! "I'm sorry to leave you on our anniversary..." hahahaha. and the cat being pissed with a torn chair is perfect!

I love it. Rogers AT&T I believe it was...
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I love it! It is a Canadian ad and the look on the cat's face is priceless!
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I wonder if that ad can be found online?
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I don't know if it can be found. We need a commercial investigator here! Needed: One Canadian Commercial for all our online friends.

BTW: Brings up one question I have, are any Canadian channels available outside of Canada? Silly question butI'm curious. All the majority of our stations that we love to watch are American.
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The only time, that I've seen Canadian channels, was when I was in Buffalo. They're on the cable system, there.
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See - even the ADS in Canada are better! LOL!
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