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RIP Bobby (and Mr. Lufty)

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Bobby was a cat in a million. His owners left him behind in my friend's neighborhood when they moved. My friend fed Bobby, and a nice lady up the street took care of his shots. Bobby was always outside to greet anyone who came over to my friend's house, and never hurt a fly a day in his life. On cold nights, my friend would let Bobby sleep in the basement. She couldn't keep Bobby herself because her two indoor cats hated him. Eventually a neighbor took Bobby in, but he was still an indoor/outdoor cat.

Then today I receive this email:

"That friendly cat Bobby was trapped by my wicked neighbor, who reported him as a stray, then called Animal Control, and Bobby, along with another neighbor's cat, Mr. Lufty, were put down. This jerk has two dogs who BARK at everyone/thing, but 2 cats are more than he can handle. Very sad..."

Bobby had such a sad life, but he was such a nice cat. At least he can run free over the rainbow bridge now. RIP Bobby. RIP to you too Mr. Lufty, although I can't say anything about you since I didn't know you, but I'm sure your people loved you dearly.
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How sad. RIP
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Thats terrible! Im so sorry!

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Theres some horrible, evil people in this world like your neighbour

RIP Babies

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RIP kitties

Its so sad that his family left him behind
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Rest In Peace Bobby :angel2: Have fun playing with the other pets over the Rainbow Bridge
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That is such a sad story. Rest in Peace Bobby and Mr Lufty.
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