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I have a couple super cute pics of my little golden boy
what's up Meowmy?

Best friends forever, Pers and Apollo
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Aww!!! That 2nd pic is soooo sweet!!
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Awww, such a cutie!
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Okay, I'm definitely going to have to smuggle Pers outta there next time I visit.

The little guys are so cute, Katie.
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I love that first pic Katie!!!
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What a sweetie =)
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Oh my goodness! They are just so cute!
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What a doll!
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OMG that 2nd one is just precious!
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Aww... They're just too cutie patooties!!
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Look at his sweet face, he is so precious And full of kitty love, too ....... that 2nd pic is adorable
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Awwww... I love the one of him and Apollo.
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How cute is that? I love that second picture!
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I love it when they're buddies.
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OMG that 2nd pic is adorable Awwwwwww
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what sweet pictures!!!
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Awww!! Kitty hugs are the best
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The second pic is great! Perseus is such a handsome boy!
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Aww, what lovely pics
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That photo of Perseus & Apollo snuggling is priceless!
Can't wait to see more photos of both of your cutie pies!
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