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Post Sedative Reaction

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Hi everyone,

I am sure this is a dumb question, but I seem to be full of them lately.

I was finally able to carte Miss Poppy and get her to the vet tonight. Well, against what I would have liked, the vet decided that they needed to give her a sedative (injection) as they did not think they could handle her otherwise. So she went through her vet appt and is now home...she's coming to, and being sweet and soppy...but the poor little girl is staggering around like she is drunk. Is this normal? It's been 3 hours since she was sedated. When they sedated Riley for his ultrasound, he was back to his normal self fairly quickly. I just want to make sure this is normal - her walking around somewhat drunken like - and not something to be concerned about. She was given her booseters, worming shot, tested for FeLV/FIV and treated with Stronghold (for mites and fleas) Trust me...if I could have avoided sedating her I would have, but the vet was adamant as she was being pretty aggressive. I know I am being paranoid, but I just want to see if this is normal "post sedative" behaviour, and not a reaction to one of the treatments she had.

Thanks guys!
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My Dante was sedated for his teeth cleaning (just scaling, nothing major) and, yes, even after some hours of recovery at the vet, when I got him home, he was walking like a drunken sailer for a while. Of course I panicked and called the vet, who told me it was a normal reaction and just keep an eye on him. They had told me he'd be groggy - I just wasn't expecting him to fall over every step! I'd say he started walking better and better within 45 minutes, and within 4 hours of coming home he was jumping on the cat tree. And, next morning, all was well.

He also hissed at me, and didn't want to be carried (drunken sailer or not, he still got out the front door into the condo hallway - normally I can carry him with no problems, but he was very unhappy - apparently another normal reactoin to the sedation).

But, please call your vet if you have any qualms - mine, at least, are always happy to talk with the parents.
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Thank you for your response. I will most definately ring my vet if she takes a turn or if I get more concerned...I just wanted to set my mind at ease as to whether this was a normal-ish reaction. That vet is closed for the night but I can ring the vet locally after hours (at home) should we need it. It sounds like Poppy is acting just like your little guy...so I am keeping an eye on her and I'm sure she be back to her sassy self soon! Thank you!
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Well, it's scary when you're seeing the cat's reaction for the first time - I immediately thought of neurological damage!!!

My little guy is not so little - about 5 years old, we think, and 13 pounds (not fat either!). I was just so surprised, as he's normally very strong and graceful - top of refrigerator in one jump when he wants to - and it scared me to see him take a step, and fall on his side, as though his hind legs weren't supporting him. And the personality change scared me a little bit too - he's not a hisser normally, but he was not a happy camper that afternoon!

Sending good vibes that your baby starts feeling, and moving, better soon. My vet said some cats take as long as 24 hours before they're back to normal, but to never fear calling. I've got to say, I wish my own doctors would spend as much time chatting as the vets and the techs do with me!
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