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There are a few famous people that live in Austin which is about an hour from me.

matthew mcconaughey
sandra bullock
lance armstrong
the latest bachelor

A friend of mine worked with someone whose brother-in-law was Paul Simon!
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Originally Posted by celestialrags View Post
Oh yeah, One of the woman from a survivour lived here in maine too. I forgot her name I didn't watch that show until the pearl island one with Rupert.
Kathy on the Fans team (current S16) lives directly across the street from me. Haven't seen her for a few months. Mrs. Bikeman tuned into Survivor first show of the season a couple weeks ago, and there she was, which explained her recent neighborly absence. They sign an NDA to not divulge they were on/in it until a couple days before it first airs. I hear this Thursday something happens with her. Might get weird.

Other brushes with the famous.... The commercial building I owned until 2001 had apartments upstairs right up until I bought it in '82. One of the residents was Jim Belushi. He came by to see what happened with his old apartment one evening in '99, said one of my employees. I had left an hour earlier. Oops.
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Don Mattingly lives here in town.
His wife just caused a huge scandal.

NY Yankees guy.

I went to high school with him.
I remember when he first got signed with the major league.

His wife is giving him hell right now.
They are getting divorced and she has a few problems to say the least.

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Gary, Indiana (I was born and raised here) - Michael Jackson, and family, also, Morgan Freeman briefly lived here as a child
Lafayette, Indiana (where I currently live) - Axel Rose, Izzy Stradlin (both from Guns 'n' Roses), and Shannon Hood, lead singer of Blind Melon (died in 2005)

There are quite a few more, but those are the most notable.
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The small community a couple miles from me a Olympic bronze metalist wrestler lives.

In Appleton,WI-Wm Dafoe and Edna Ferber.
In Green Bay-Tony Shaloub and of course many current and past GB Packer football players.
Also the owner of Schneider National (can't think of name right now) its the trucking firm with the orange semi trucks/trailers is a Green Bay resident.
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