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Congratulations! I everything goes smoothly and you have a healthy, happy baby.
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OMG CONGRATS FOR SURE!! You must be thrilled!
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Congrats!! I hope that every thing goes really smoothly for you and the baby!! That is the best possible Christmas present you could have gotten!!
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I am weary of getting on TCS lateley! Everyone is getting pregnant! Lol!

What an awesome christmas present!

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A baby! A new joy! Congrats!
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YAY!!! congrats!!!! how exciting!!!!!
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Wow!! I had to leave shortly after I posted this and come back to four pages!! Thank you all so much for the congrats and well wishes!

I have my first OB appointment January 11th, and I can't wait!!! I hope I get to hear the heartbeat and stuff!!

We're hoping for a boy, but as long as its a healthy happy baby we'll be thrilled!!
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congratulations! i hope the same happens to me very soon
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What wonderful news! Congratulations!
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Oh Keysha, that is just the best news ever. I am so happpy for you.

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You are due on Chloe's birthday
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Congratulations, Keysha!! That's great news.
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That's wonderful! What a great way to celebrate Christmas!!
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Congrats! You and your family should start betting on size, weight, sex, hair or no hair and other things. It makes it more fun and exciting! (Don't forget to write them down too!) I hope that you and your baby don't have any complications for the next 8 months!
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