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Those in the Chicago area...

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If you are in the Chicago area, please keep a look-out for a black Newfoundland. He's been missing since Dec 7th and he is terribly missed by his family.
Here is a website where you can see "Johnny" and get more info.
Thanks for any help! Just making more people in this area aware might give Johnny and his family a happy ending.
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I live in Chicago, but not anywhere near that area. That's heartbreaking, though! I don't know how a dog of that size and temperment can still be out on the street that long...somebody must have him.
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What a beautiful boy! Hope he comes home soon!
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Having grown up on the north side of Chicago I am very familiar with that area but don't live there anymore. However, we come into the city on a regular basis and I hope and pray you find your beloved Johnny. All the best of luck and hope he comes home for the New Year!
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Oh no!! I hope they find Johnny soon!!!
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I heard about that on the news... I hope they find him!

A friend of mine just recovered her lost cat after no sign of him for a whole MONTH-- and this was in the Chicago winter with all the cold, snow and ice we've been having... He went missing at the end of November. She had put up a cat trap and caught 2 skunks, several squirrels, a possum and a raccoon but no sign of Legolas the cat. Then two days ago she was about to leave for a wedding when someone called that there was an animal in the trap. At the time the trap was not even set! So she went to check and it was Legolas! He ran out when she walked towards the trap and she kneeled down (in the snow in her dress of course) to call him and he stopped. He slowly came to sniff her and she managed to get him by the scruff! He is skinny but seems to be doing ok, thank goodness except for being very clingy now. My dog and I went to visit last night and welcome him home. Ginger (my dog) and Legolas just love each other, we call them boyfriend and girlfriend, so it was so sweet to see them greeting each other!
Hopefully that Newfie will have a happy ending like Legolas.
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Thank you for sharing that story Nekochan! If it's ok with you I'd like to pass that on to Johnny's family. They really appreciate all the good thoughts and stories like that help to keep the hope alive!
That's great that you have heard Johnny's story on the news...the more the word gets out the better!
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