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ANOTHER wet food question from me...

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Seems that I am good about asking questions.
Anyway, I have been feeding Raven and Jack each 1/2 a pouch of wet food in the morning. Last week I was able to buy them enough wet food to last this week and can buy more on Friday. Last night I did a little shopping and bought 2 cans of wet to try. Mainly because pouches come in 2.5 oz packages and you can get cans in up to 5 oz. 5 oz would be better to split between the 2.
This morning I gave them a can and they pretty much turned up their noses at it. I think it is because in the pouches the food is in chunks (like real meat) and in the can it is just like sloppy mush. So I mixed some of their dry food that I wetted down in with the canned stuff to give it some of the chunkiness that they seem to like.
So here is my question, is there any canned food that comes in chunks rather than slop (or what is it called, loaf)?

And since this is already a food question I thought I would sneak another one in here (for sharky- hope you got the ragdoll). I got a book of coupons from Nutro including coupons for max cat and the natural choice that I use. I told my husband I was going to buy a bag of the max cat to mix with our nc because it is cheaper and see how they do on it and he says he does not think I should use cheaper cat food. What should I tell him (like is the max as good as the nc, I know you said you would recomend it before, what do I tell him)?

Thanks!!! Sorry I always have so many questions.
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there are some canned that have the chunks like the pouches. my girls used to eat whatever i gave them, but this morning they turned their noses up at the canned, i think they were getting spoiled by the pouches. and yes, the cans are so much cheaper and you get more, ugh. i've got to train mine to be happy with the canned, especially since max much prefers the wellness pouches which cost about $1 a pouch.
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brands with pouches
by nature
meow mix
solid gold

chunky in cans
max cat the 3oz not kitten
solid gold tuna
castor and polluck

Pate yet chunky
eagle pack
innova ( verify this .. well over a yr )
chicken soup
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
innova ( verify this .. well over a yr )
I tried it a month or two ago and it was more like really mushy taco meat. *giggles* But I guess it's chunkier than the regular pate style stuff, but prolly not enough for a kitty who loves meaty pieces.
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