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Introducing my kitties and me

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Hi, I'm Allydia, married 11 years, no kids, 3 cats: Dummie, 10 years/7 pounds/dark gray domestic longhair, Cinnamon, 9years/5 pounds/siamese-tabby mix, and BigBoy, 6 years/16 pounds/Cinnamon's son plus birman mix (quite a beautiful cat). Dummie is the alpha cat, Cinnamon is the innocent one that just doesn't get it and BigBoy is the charmer. Ever since kittenhood, when he wants something he sits up and begs like a dog. It is so cute, he usually gets what he wants.
Dummie is the only one allowed outdoors. She is street smart and a hunter. If one of the others gets out then Dummie will try to corral them back in. She runs behind them, slapping them on the rump. It is hilarious to watch!
She also brings us "presents". She has brought halfcooked food still warm from someone's grill and fresh birds, squirrels or rabbits. I recently heard her distinct "I've brought lunch" meow and when I looked out, there she was with ham and swiss cheese. When we are cooking out we have to watch her as she has very fast paws and will slap food right off the grill and carry it off.
I love my cats- or any cat- and life would not be nearly so interesting without them. I also enjoy designing and piecing quilts and cooking.
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Hi Allydia, and welcome to the cat site! Hope you'll be posting often. Your food-stealing cat reminds me of one we had when I was a kid. She was an outdoor mommy with 4 feral kittens. One summer day, my mother left a steak out to defrost in the kitchen. Our mommy came in, yanked it right off the counter, and took it out to feed the family!
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Welcome! Your babies sound so cute! I hope we get to hear more about them and you and maybe see a picture?
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I'm sure you're going to feel quite at home here.

your sound adorable
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Welcome!! Your cats sound very interesting. I only have one food stealer, thank goodness!
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Hi Allydia, You've come to the right place about kitties! Your going to love it here.
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Thanks for all the welcomes. This is a fun place to visit!
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