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Cats Scratching At Night

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Please please please can someone help. I have 2 house cats that are 2 and a half years old. At the beginning, at night times they would come and run and jump all over us, so we decided to put them in the Kitchen. For the last couple of months, everynight they are scratching on the door, some nights are better then other, but last night, they did it ALL night, keeping myself and the family up. My brother and father are getting angry now, and Im worried they will suggest getting rid of them and taking them to SPA, which I dont want as they are the world to me. Please note that one of the cats, we believe was starved of oxygen at birth, and isnt the cleverest of cats.
Please can someone suggest what we can do to stop them behaving like this. Any suggestions will be greatly received.
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Is there any way you could keep them in the room with you? You said in the beginning they would wake everyone up, but maybe they have settled in more. Cats can sleep throught the night. Maybe you could put their litter and food in the room with you and givie it a try?
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We are having a similar problem with Marcel because we have to lock him in the bathroom at night, it has been driving us nuts!

Now we are going to try and attach a meter or so of carpet to the back of the door so when he scratches it shouldn't make any noise and he will have another scrathing pole!

If you can't do something like this maybe they can sleep in your room?

Good Luck!
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We had been keeping our 4 month old kitten in the bathroom at night. We decided we'd like him to sleep with us--key word sleep. It was a rough start but after a week he's really starting to understand that he needs to sleep because we are not willing to play. He is much more active during the day now as well.

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Hi Everyone, thanks for your replies so far. Have tried letting them sleep in the bedroom with me, and all mayhem breaks loose. This has been going on for months now. Im getting about 5 hours sleep, as I have to get up with them, try and settle them, so they dont wake everyone else up.
I love my girls loads, but early mornings are not a speciality of mine!!!
Good idea regarding the carpets on the back of the door.
Tried playing with them last night, lasted 30 mins before they lost interest, made no difference.
If anyone else can suggest anything would be very grateful.
Many thanks
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