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Would They Still Be Good?

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I have a box of crackers with a "best if used by" date of June 2007. They have never been opened. I forgot they were in the cabinet.

Would they be okay to use? Should I just pitch them? Taste test them first?
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depends on the hunger level heeh,,
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I have peanut butter if that will help.
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well if you got peanut butter, thats all you need.
well that and a spoon of course,
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They taste okay, slightly on the stale side but not bad at all. Eh, I've eaten much worse in my life. I don't feel like going out into the cold to get something else.

I need to get to the store sometime this week.

Edit: On second thought, after eating a couple, I better go pick up a new box.
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Best before dates do not mean things cease to be edible. It just means that it's at it's best quality before that date. There is a law that states that all edible food has to have a best before date, whether or not the food will spoil or not.

All that will happen to a cracker is that it may taste stale months after the best before date. If you don't mind eating stale tasting crackers, you won't get sick from them

Now perishable items such as eggs, milk, meat... now those are things you want to pay attention to where "expiry" dates are concerned.

Things like crackers, spices, dry goods, bottled sauces such as ketchup, soy sauce etc, can be used many months after the "best before" date.

Baking power and yeast can also be used years after the best before date. However, the effectiveness to produce a quality rise may be decreased. Which is why it's always best to "proof" your yeast before adding it to your baking.
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They are probably still good if the package is sealed; but they might taste a bit stale. Open it and try one or two and see if you want to keep them. If eating without dip, you might toss them, but IMO they should be fine to use with a dip

P.S. if you are having a Christmas/Holiday party, put them out - believe me, some people will eat anything

Last year we tried a new cookie receipe and it looked good, but DH and I swear the ingredients/measurements were wrong or something was left out - we followed the receipe exactly. They were the most God-awful tasting cookies - dry and no taste.

I tossed some out for the birds and we still had 2 bags of them. So I snuck them into work, and put them in the breakroom on a plate. All the cookies were gone by end of the day - but willing to bet no one got a 2nd cookie
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