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For the Homeless Angels helped over the Bridge

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Going to be a long week, 5 kitties went over the Rainbow Bridge today.

More soon, I fear. One kitty has one week more week. 3 kittens have a few weeks.

Three were feral enough we had no choice.
1 was scared, her "owner" failed her when the "owner" dumped a lot of her cats
The last was but a kitten, 4 months old. Couldn't medicate the poor thing for 6 weeks straight.....she was scared.
One dog, terrified when he came in, gotten so aggressive towards other dogs he wasn't safe to himself, people, or other dogs.

No more meds babies.
No more being scared.

You're free, healthy, to run over the Rainbow Bridge.

I felt bad making decisions over the phone, but this couldn't wait any longer than today. No point in torturing these guys any longer than necessary.
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I'm sorry you had to do that. I know it was hard to make that decision.

It's okay now, babies. Now you can be healthy, happy, well-fed, and loved over the Rainbow Bridge.

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Im so sorry!!! How old are the ones that have between 1-3 weeks left?
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Im so sorry!!! How old are the ones that have between 1-3 weeks left?
Various ages. But they're contagious, we can't place them if they're contagious. They'd have to be medicated daily for 6 weeks, in addition to being in their cage & never let out for the 6 weeks. And they aren't friendly or easy to medicate to start with. I dunno, I think nobody has the heart to do anymore, so they'll probably be treated because they don't deserve anything less. They deserve homes.

I'm no good at the "you can't save them all" thing.
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Those poor, sweet angels. I feel completely cliche'd saying this, but at least they get to go safe, warm, loved, and painlessly. That's a lot more than a lot of creatures get.

You couldn't have helped them any more than you did already. Letting them go was a hard decision, but it was the right one to make, no matter how hard.

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That's so sad Nat, but they'll be safe and well again over at the bridge

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In memory of the homeless ones. RIP Your lives mattered.
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I'm sorry you had to make the decision, Nat.

RIP precious ones, knowing you were loved.
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Rest in peace, sweet babies
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Im so sorry! Thats not an easy choice to make! You did the right thing, they all feel better now...
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I am so sorry, Nat. They are healthy again at the bridge and atleast they had your love. take care!
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Oh god Nat, I don't know how you do it

May those babies rest in peace
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Oh this situation sounds just tragic! I

'm so sorry you had to lose these cats in this way. I had one cat dumped in my yard with leukemia and it was hard enough then.

I'm so sorry you had to face this. Sending all my prayers and sympathies to you and the little cats and kittens.
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I dont know how you do it! Bless your heart!!

May all the homeless babies RIP.
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Bless you for having the love and courage to do the right thing, again....Definitely not for the faint-hearted; I am sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} of encouragement for you and your crew - what a disheartening task
Sweet babies, I am so sorry that you did not know the feelings of contentment, safety and security in a warm loving home, but I am so glad that you did not perish alone on the streets, where death would come not soon enough, and as a welcomed friend. You are now Heaven's treasures; the dear companions to sweet angels who also crossed over, some by illness, some by devastating poverty, some by crime, all who have suffered so much, it will take loving ministrations of RB kittens, puppies and ponies to right the injustice.
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I am so sorry to hear this, and again, I truly respect you, I couldnt be as brave as you are. IT isn't you that fail them, it is the people who abandoned them to start with, all we can do is pick up the pieces and do our best by them, and if that means letting them go with dignity and someone who cares, then at least they get that, and not to go alone and in pain on the streets. RIP little ones, and I do hope next year is a better one for you.
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