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Questions of the day 18th December

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I am interested to find out how do you recieve your internet connection? Is it via cable, telephone line etc: etc:. How much do you pay for it? Who is your service provider? And how do you rate the service they provide?
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I have high speed through our phone company, and pay $25.00 a month.I would rate their service good.
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SKY Broadband. A one off payment of £40 because i don't download music etc., i just use it for the internet and e-mails and it's excellent!
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cable...6.0 Mbps. Love the speed.
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I get it through ComSpeed. It's a wireless modem and it's $30 a month. Pretty good service and is a 512kb, their medium speed.
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Thanks for doing the question of the day for me u8myufo, had a busy morning and couldn't get on here before now!

I have cable internet thru Armstrong cable company, pay $26.95/month and it's pretty darn good!
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I also have high speed internet through our phone company.
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cable through the phone company, service good.
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Dial-up, Netzero, $9.95/month, good.
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We have our internet through cable. Its free (my mom works at home so they pay for it).
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At home I have dial up threw AOL. 14.99 a month. Crappy service. I hate it. I dont get on much at home. Here at work I have it threw the local phone company. I love it. Not sure how much my boss pays.
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I have wireless high speed. I think it costs about $50-60 a month. It's through execulink and it is absolutely horrible. It just randomly cuts off all the time and wont re-connect.
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We have verizon high speed DSL. I don't know the cost since that's mom's bill. It's not bad. It only went down once this year. I had Earthlink for over 10 years and that went down once in 10 years. Customer service wasn't the greatest but I rarely had the need to call them. I miss the webspace EL gave per email. It was 10mbs and Verizon is 1mb.
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I have dial up. We hate dial up but it is all we can get out where we live. Our provider is Earthlink and we have not had any problems with them. We pay $22 a month.
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We have DSL through our local phone company. The customer service is very poor, but if we got DSL through any other place it would be long distance and would cost more.
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I live in the boonies and get dial up connecting at 28.8 bps and it costs $15.00 per unlimited but I don't use it much because it's soooooo slow. There is no cable out my way and a satalight setup is about $800 so I'm hopeing!
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We have DSL thru the phone company, speed is great
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Cable through Comcast.
about $100/mo (includes basic digital cable, rental for three cable boxes and modem rental)
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Cable or whatever Roadrunner is. It's fantastically fast, especially with this new computer, and rarely goes out. Together my cable/internet bill is 100$ a month (including DVR and whatnot).
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
I live in the boonies and get dial up connecting at 28.8 bps and it costs $15.00 per unlimited but I don't use it much because it's soooooo slow. There is no cable out my way and a satalight setup is about $800 so I'm hopeing!
I used to have dial up that connected slow like that (I live in the middle of nowhere too). We finally decided to get execulink wireless and it only cost about $100 or something to get hooked up.
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We have it through the local cable company (even though we don't have cable tv). The speed is pretty fast, and they're ok as far as service goes- but when something needs to be fixed, they take ages to do it. Ours is through Comcast.
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I have DSL I am pretty far out from the tower, but its still 8 x's faster then dial up so I keep it. I have sbcglobal for 19.95 a month
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It is provided and paid for by someone else. All I know is that it is wireless.
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DSL from Access Connections. Great speed for about $25/month.
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We've got DSL at Rob's parents house. They pay the bill, so no idea how much it is. Anything but dial-up is nice! I remember those days with BellAtlantic.
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Slowwwwwwwwwwwww slow, slow, dialup. Unlimited for $34.95 every 6 weeks.
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hmm we have dsl through verizon, i like it! I dont really have that many problems with them, well not nearly as much as I did with comcast, so it works and I think the bill is like $30-$40 a month and my mom and me split the bill!
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I have cable thru comcast right now only 25/mnth because of a promotion after promotion 45/mnth we download at about 1.25 mb per second the service is pretty awesome!
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I have the Charter bundle (high speed internet, digital cable and phone) for $99/month. I pay a little more, because I wanted an unlisted number and 3 way calling. I love the internet and the TV cable service, but I've had nothing but problems with the phone service since it was installed last March. It was so bad last month, that I called them and told them to make an adjustment on my bill! They dropped it $30 for last month! Of course, I had them to my house 4 times that month for service calls, and several days of no phone service and dropped or interrupted calls. I'm not sure I want to renew again in March, just because of the problems I've been having. Unfortunately, I'm so strapped for time, that it's just easier to continue with what I have, instead of making an appointment to have them come back out and remove it. GRRRR! Several of my friends, and my parents have the Charter phone service, and they all have issues with it too.
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