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She;s Gone

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Well Ted's mom is gone,to a nursing home.Ted is having a little problem with it right now,she has been here a year and a half.I keep telling him it will be for the better,for all of us.My grandmother is still hanging on,it is only a matter of time now. Right now I am enjoying the peace ,and no fighting!!This weekend we will be cleaning out my spare bedroom[where she slept] and putting my coumpter in. Thank you for all your prayers. Sherral
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I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. But I am glad things have worked out for the best with your mother in law.
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I'm sure it will take a while for Ted to adjust, but I'm sure being able to spend good quality time alone with you will make him realize it is a good thing in no time.
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Sherral, I'm sure everything will be fine. Last year, when my aunt came to visit, she stayed a month. I got so used to having her around that when she left, I cried for a week. I missed my mom and she had kind of filled in temporarily and given me the 'motherly' touch. To see her walk out our door was very hard on me. Today, I am fine!!! I'm sure that hubby once he goes through his 'sad' stage, he'll be fine. It's his mom and he probably feels a void for now but will realise pretty soon how important that decision was in order for the two of you to connect and live life like a normal couple. Enjoy your time together now!
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Thank you ! I am sure everything is going to fine very soon.
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OK, Sherral - next weekend, ditch the kids, buy something wispy, light some candles - you take it from there!
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I knew things would work out, you just needed to keep believing. Thank goodness things worked out for the best - for everyone. Especially the mother cause I firmly believe that the elderly should be left in the care of those who are qualified and have the time and energy and patience to deal with people with mental disorders (not that any of that applies to you, but being a Nurse Aide myself, who cares for the elderly, I've seen many times when people don't want to put their elderly family member in a home when it is really better for ALL parties, not just the elderly person in question). Good for you for finally being able to find a place where she can get the care she needs and you can get the pesce and quiet you need. Tell hubby not to feel guilty (if he's feeling that) cause I said so. It truly is better.
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Tamme's right. Well - everyone's right! Once Ted makes the adjustment to not having mum around, I'm sure you'll BOTH be happier. She IS much better off in the hands of properly trained people. Just remind hubby of that if he gets too depressed.

Sorry about your grandmum. I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

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I am keeping all of you in my prayers also.
I know how you feel about your MIL, I have been thru a similiar situation, MIL told hubby to divorce me and live with her. He told her no, and she has disowned him ever since. But I have to add, she has borderline personality disorder, so theres a reason for her behaviour, I guess.
All the best to you and your hubby sherral, and take Cindy's advice, get out those candles, cook a romantic dinner and make the most of everything!
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Ted fells much better today,He even has gone as far as clean out her bedroom,we are giving her bed to our grandson,he needs a new one.We are trading her 25 inch tv for a 19 inch, she can only have a 19 inch down there.Our son has a 19 in.We needed a dresser in our room,so we got that.Now I can get my coumpter out of my living room,and back into the bedroom!And as for the weekend we are going away,to a bigger town 45 minutes away and staying in a motel with a hot tub! No kids, no cats, no mother-in-law!I bought somethingSweet & bearly there! [Red]
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Ohh Sherral, that is going to be one wicked weekend!
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I sure hope so!
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Way to go, Sherral!!
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Sherral, THAT should take him mind off of his mother!! You go girl! And have a great time....
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Ha Ha. Way to take his mind off things.

I remember a female comedian once who joked about her man who thought sex cured everything. She could be complaining about cramps and gas and a headache and he would say "You know what YOU need "
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