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Worried? New home

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Hi all,

Well we just purchased our new home which I"m really excited about. However my cat apples seems to be different. She rarely goes out of my room. She doesnt really go downstairs. She only goes when I go downstairs and when I come back up she is right behind me. She has just been laying around. Not eating as much. I know the change my have scared her. Is there anything that I can do to adjust her better.

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How long have you been in the new home? Our Simba stayed behind our headboard in our bedroom for a month after we got him. Just be patient, spend time in the room(s) with her where she is comfortable, talk softly or read to her. Leave the door open and she will come around when she feels comfortable. As long as she is eating, drinking and using her litter, I would let her set her own pace.
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Try using toys or food to get her to come out more. But I'd just let her explore on her own. I know the cats took a few weeks to get comfortable with things when we moved.
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Well shoot, I wish I had more experience to share with you! I moved with Enzo and Leya from an apartment to a house and they were soooooo happy! Both of them checked out the house for a few mintues then went flying threw the house like they lived there before! Leya's even blind and adjusted great!

Do you have any cat furniture that you owened before the move? Any blankets that smell like the old place? Toys? Did you change food or how they were feed?
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