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Myspace is the devil! Lol

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So I was just talking to my dad since it's his birthday today. Somehow we got talking about myspace, since my 11/12 year old niece has one now (and I'm absolutely floored that my half-sister let her have one to begin with! Especially one where her "name" is "SexyRacinGirl"! That also says she is 15 and lives in Miami, FL...)

Well then my dad tells me that every few days he checks out my myspace, reads my survey answers, blogs, comments, and looks at my pics to see if there are any new ones up. Wow. I had NO idea he was checking that stuff out! It turns out Rob left himself logged in at my parent's house (he has a bad habit of clicking "save password" wherever he is, even at work he has his email login saved...) So now my dad can look at my page and everything on it! He told me I have a dirty sailor mouth (its true, I do, but out of respect when I am at their house or around them, I keep it clean - always have). In those surveys I'm rather open about things Rob & I do and how often, and really don't tone stuff down because I figure it's just friends and cousins and people who aren't going to really care. But now that I know my dad is reading my blogs and surveys and comments (And admitting to it!) I'm kinda disturbed!!!!

(I know, I know. Anyone can find anything on myspace. But my dad isn't that great with the computer and I'm surprised he managed to find the site to begin with, nonetheless that Rob was still logged in and used it to his advantage!!) I guess I will be un-saving that password when we go up there again, and being careful with what exactly I let out and where!!!
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I don't believe in censorship, but I think MySpace should at least be monitored a little better. I know it is hard to know if someone is lying about their age, etc, it seems that something could be done.
I would find it disturbing if my dad was looking at my info on there. (if I had any) Maybe it is just a generational thing, but I find the whole concept a little disturbing. I just would not want such personal info about me on the internet for everyone I know, and don't know, to see. It has opened up a place that has brought a lot of predatory nature in some very disturbed people to the surface. Creeps me out!
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