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The most incredible miscarriage of justice

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Nine men found guilty of raping a 10-year-old girl were let free by the judge hearing the case last week in Australia. Now, they PLEADED GUILTY, and they were still let free. Why? Because she `probably consented'.,00.html

In Australia at the moment, the plight of our indiginous communities is becoming ever more desperate. Finally, after decades of our Aboriginal people living in third world conditions, with alcohol and drug abuse, serious sexual abuse, and some of the worst living conditions anywhere in the world, the politicians and other bigwigs are sitting up and taking notice.

Our former Prime Minister, thinking that it would win him the election, opted for a hardline zero-tolerance militaristic approach to the situation, talking about withholding welfare payments, and other extreme measures.

It wouldn't have worked, because the situation is so dire, but something desperate clearly needs to be done, given the alarming amount of these kinds of cases. One in four Aboriginal children will suffer from foetal alcohol syndrome, and children as young as 7 months old have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases. It is a large-scale tragedy that is in my opinion completely as a result of the neglect this country has shown towards our indiginous people for so long.

Instead of throwing money at the situation and hoping it will go away, which has been the preferred policy for decades, what can we do to fix this?
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This really p'd me off.

How dare this judge say this girl was seducing them and experimenting and that she wanted it. The oldest guy was 26 years old!!! They raped her, no 10 year old would ask for men ranging from mid teens, to mid 20s to do this as an 'experiment'.

The justice system is really screwed up.

Sarah do you know it happened again. I dont know if it was the same judge, but they said the exact same thing. And this time is was about a young boy.
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Yeah - I heard on the news the other day that since the whole `crack-down' thing started a few months ago, over 700 sexual abuse cases were reported in the NT alone. Terrifying.
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That is just awful. In this country a ten year old isn't able to consent.
I wonder what the new guy in charge thinks of this.
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Well - they aren't in this country either. That's part of the issue I think. One rule for everyone, unless they're Aboriginal. In which case they get no real protection at all.
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Sarah, this must be driving your brother insane.

What is wrong with the judges of the world. I honestly don't understand.
Would they give out these slap on the wrist sentences if it were THEIR loved ones that had been victimized? It depresses me so much.
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Well yes, exactly. It's appalling. I haven't asked him about it yet, actually - we are having a `Lord Of The Rings' night on Saturday (lol) and so I planned to talk to him about it then. This was a regional area - but judges can be the same all over.

I remember him telling me once that he lost an incest case because in the judge's address to the jury, the judge made it out that they really should acquit because there wasn't really all that much wrong with a grandfather interfering with his grand-daughter. Of course, he didn't say it in such terms, but it was enough to influence the jury. I think my brother was really tempted to quit after that.
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Interfering? Is that what they call it now? Your poor brother, he is an angel to do what he does.
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He is - and thank you But it has changed him. He's been doing it nearly 20 years and he is not the happy-go-lucky man he was. Of course, he's not walking around under a cloud or anything but he's really very serious these days, and very different to how he was when he was younger. But I don't think he'd change it. He's a very good lawyer and has had several offers to go and work for private firms and make ten times the amount of money he does, but he won't. I love him for it (and obviously for other reasons too!).

I remember once when I was younger realising what the word `respect' actually meant. I realised I felt it whenever I thought of my brother. I'm not the only one who feels that way about him.
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And what century are we living in, again?

That poor, poor, girl. How utterly and truly disgusting and apalling.

That judge should be removed from the bench. Can you do that in Australia?

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Yes - and I hope that's what happens.
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It's a sad story. I suspect prosecutor and the judge might have been lenient because of cultural differences.
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How can a ten-year old child "consent?" I find that reasoning absolutely bizarre. That judge has been eating overly ripe roadkill 'roo meat.
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That is just sick
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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
How can a ten-year old child "consent?" I find that reasoning absolutely bizarre. That judge has been eating overly ripe roadkill 'roo meat.
Eww roo meat is disgusting no matter how it is. I tried it once (obviousely while i was still having red meat) and it's gross. Anyway, there's so many of them living where tristan is, and they are so cute!! I could never look them in the eye and not feel guilty lol
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