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adapting new kitty to home?

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last night i picked up a 10 month old cat from a friend who couldnt keep it. ive been keeping her in my bedroom until she gets used to it then i was going to leave the bedroom door open for her to explore when she feels comfortable enough to do so. is this what i should be doing? what can i do to make changing environments easier on her? fyi she isnt eating yet. i assume she'll start eating if she gets hungry enough?
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When we brought our new kitty home from the shelter, we gave him full roam of the apartment as we knew he liked to explore. As I recall, he liked to hide a lot the first few days, particularly under the bed and in his pet carrier. If you can, leave out your cat's carrier with the door off. I've found that it gives them somewhere they feel secure and helps them get used to it, so there's no trauma when you have to take kitty somewhere later. (George is currently sleeping in his right now!)

As for eating, ours didn't eat for two or three days, and it wasn't a food problem because the shelter had given us some of what they fed him there. I think it's just a bit of an adjustment time for them, so hopefully he/she will start chowing down soon!
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when we picked up our 12-week old, we showed him the litter box first of all, so he knows where to go.

we actually let him roam around the place, and it took him about an hour or so to get used to everything. he was never shy, but this may be a breed-specific temperament thing.

make sure there's always fresh water and food available. ours didn't eat much initially and had the sniffo the 1st 2 weeks. then the issues disappear.

hope this helps.
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When we brought Sal home at 14 weeks he wouldn’t even come out of his carrier (and I picked him at the breeder because he was the most playful and active!!). When we finally took him out, he stayed in his room for the first day and then I started leaving the door open to see if he’d want to explore. It took him two days to really want to leave “his†room. And about a day to a daqy and a half before he ate or went in his box. He was just a little insecure I take it. Now (he’s 7 months) I wish he’d sometimes slow down on food actually You have to see what works for him but make sure water and food are available…
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