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diarrhea is worse

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so just when i thought sophie's diarrhea was getting better, it's worse now, and now with her bum covered in it. i'm calling the vet tomorrow to see if he can see her. she already has an appointment on friday for a shot. i think she is even a bit dehydrated as her skin doesn't quit bounce back, it seems a bit sluggish, when i pull on the scruff of her neck.
the vet happened to leave a message on my maching today that the stool i dropped off last week came back negative and she was having diarrhea then, so that must not be the cause.
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If she is DYHYDRATED get her TONIGHT to a er vet if you can
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If you have an emergency vet I would use it! Dehydration is a terrible thing!
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in the meantime, you can put a little canned, plain pumpkin in with kitty's food to bulk up the stool.
by a little I mean about a teaspoon, it helps a lot, at least until you find out the underlying cause.

you should definitely get kitty to a vet for some fluids though, it will help a lot.
They're right, dehydration can do major damage.
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