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Kahu has really gone a long way...

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Its been over a month since we adopted Kahu from the shelter - he was a wild, unruly little thing, was scared of people, hated to be picked up or to be kissed. But now, he follows us everywhere, he loves to be picked up, he loves his kisses. Its really amazing how his personality has changed since we adopted him!

He is sleeping with Peedoodle!

Posing on our bed, all regal like.

A more closer view of the little sweetie.

He is so cute when he plays, his tail fluffs up and it looks just like a skunk's tail - we have taken to calling him 'Albino Skunk'
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how handsome is kahu!

i love the puffy tail thing. i know it shouldn't be so funny, but when ed gets all puffed up and macho, i want to laugh and laugh and laugh...
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He is so cute! I'm glad things are settled. And, my....how white and fluffy he looks compared to his first picture.
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Very pretty kitty. Beautiful blue eyes! And im glad that he is feeling better.
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That only means that you did a great job, you won his trust. You can be a very proud mum!
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Kellye, Kahu has blossomed into a wonderful and gorgeous kitty! What a proud Mommy you must be. Ghyslaine is right, and I noticed it too...he's so clean and fluffy and healthy looking now.
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I do have to be careful because he runs in front of my feet wherever I walk and I dont want to step on him or kick him. I think he is trying to kill me as part of some cat master plan!
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Kahu is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You have obviously done such a wonderful job with him so that now he loves to be petted and cuddled!!!! I am so happy for you and for Kahu who got such a wonderful home!!!
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He is really sweet.

I think that most cats do the running in front of the human thing. It does seem like some sort of master plan, their moms must teach them
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It's great to hear that Kahu has settled in. Your love has obviously allowed him to be the cat he should be...
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BTW Kellye, I just love the quilt in your second/third picture. Did you have someone make it for you or did you buy it?
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I bought the quilt (I cant sew), it is a mariner quilt - the round part is supposed to look like a compass - when i saw it, I fell in love with it!
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Awww, Kahu is VERY sweet!!! Congrats to you for giving him such a loving home so he could become the sweet kitty that he is now.
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White with those big blue eyes. How beautiful he is. Bless you for taking him when he wasn't so beautiful.

Blessed Be.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sassy Bear & Sammy
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He looks like he is settling right in! Have you started teaching him sign language yet?
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Oh yea, we have tried, but he gets captivated by something else and looks away. We have given him the name sign that means 'zoom' because he is so fast, runs all over the place all the time.
It is on this website under 'zoom'.
He is so entertaining when he plays, and at the same time, he is so loving, he loves to be loved on.
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