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My cat Misty has had some problems with allergies. She has been to the vet and they ran blood work on her and they say her levels are indication that she has allergies. We tried to use some of the pure foods (venacine, duck, etc - I forget the brand). She took to one for a couple of days and then basically didn't eat any of the other ones after she stopped the first one. The problem I have is, she is licking the hair off her back legs and belly. She also came down with a Rodent Ulcer. She is an indoor cat. She has been away from my dogs for about 4 months. I have put her back on Purina Healthy Weight food.

Does anyone have a good recommendation on a food I can try and, any way to get her to stop licking. She was given a 15mg depomedrol shot to help relieve the itching.
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Sharky is the resident food "expert" here. Maybe you could send her a PM to see what she thinks..

Welcome to TCS!

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Does she have herpes???

Is she on any supplements???

Will she eat wet food???

Is her current food turkey??
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I don't think she does have herpes. I have a copy of her blood test but I don't understand what the levels mean. Other then them telling me it could be from allergies.

She will eat wet food, but I never gave it to her regularly. Right now, she is on dry. I am weening her to Purina One Natural Blends Chicken and Oatmeal. She was on Purina One Weight Formula. Not sure if it has turkey in it.
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you basically got a higher $$ tag without getting IMHO better food ...

what is your budget and do you need to shop at the grocery store???

I would recommend looking up
Natural balance ( the rep told me it was the best recieved for the cats liking the taste) .. the duck and pea

Natural choice is chn based without grd corn , chicken or poultry by products , animal digest , wheat and soy( ondoor has a small amount of soy)

Solid gold - this can work thou I cant explain why with unknown fish , more grains than I can count some days

Natures prairie / natures variety - the lamb or salmon one

sensible choice - simliar yet not exact of natural choice

Max cat - natural choices cousin same maker but this will be a formula with two meats and two grains in some formulas

CORN is actually NOT one of the top cat allergies no matter what some will tell you... it is LESS digestable than almost any other grain or veggie

top cat allergies

FISH - this is generic but I dare say white is more problem than salmon

Wheat -


Artificial colors of any kind

Peas - dont ask me why many "hypo" food s use this as the starch ...

HYPO allergenic means LESS not NO
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