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He HELD her and SNUGGLED her!

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I opened the front door just a bit ago to find my oldest brother Derek (he’s 18) cuddling Mama Twixie and baby talking to her. Of course he put her down as soon as he saw me gaping at him…, but it’s still amazing what the little buggers can do – a year ago I’d have never guessed that he’d be snuggling a cat!

Kitties: 1
Derek: 0
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awwww we won't tell anyone!!
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It's so cute what cats do to "big strong men"
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Yes, it is so cute when a cat turns a big manly man into a big mush. My big, tattooed biker sat outside in the cold on Christmas Eve 2 years ago after rescuing Fluffy. He could not bring her inside the tattoo shop, so he sat outside with her inside his jacket until I could come get her, about 2-3 hours.
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Awww, that's so sweet!
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That is such a cute story! Same thing happens to my boyfriend (who is in the Army) and our cat. I will often come home from work, and he will either be cuddling George in his arms, or the two of them will be asleep, side by side.
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Awww! It's so funny what a cute cat can do to the most hard-assed of us!
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Aww!! Thats so sweet.
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I think guys who love cats are sooo cute Like that one guy, who did the Mean Kitty song... I can even forgive the fauxhawk!
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Your oldest brother is 18? My oldest, and only, brother has an AARP card!
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