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Spoiled ROTTEN, I tell you!

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After adopting Max last month, I very quickly discovered that he is a beggar. If there is people food around, he is RIGHT THERE watching you prepare and serve it.

I made the mistake ONCE, right around Thanksgiving, of giving in to his adorable little face, and oh boy that did it.

Now he watches me eat my supper every single night, and begs and begs for a bite. espevially if there is some sort of meat involved.

So this weekend, I was making myself a small dinner consisting of a 5 oz cut of filet mignon, and of course, there was Max, "Ow, ow, ow" -ing at me as I was cutting up my food to take into the other room to eat.

Me, being totally wrapped around his paw, cut up several small pieces and put them on a paper plate for he and Penny to share (the moggies don't seem to be interested in beef, really.)

Max and Penny quickly SCARFED down the smallest bits I had given them, and then Max stole the largest piece off the paper plate and proceeded to start tossing it UP into the air and leaping up after it to catch it in mid-air, slam it to the ground, and then do it all over again.

Yup, spoiled rotten. The baby bengal boy plays with hunks of filet mignon as extremely fun toys. It really is hopeless, isn't it? I'm done for.

I ... am a cat slave, serving only the highest quality cuts of beef to my boy - so he can PLAY with it.

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Haha, that's great. He was really enjoying his "prey"!
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That is so stinking funny!! Yup, you're done for, might as well get some ribeye next, here have a t-bone! LOL so your boy can have a toy!
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