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What in the world?

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This might be old news but I just ran across this today and I was appalled.
Is it just me or is there something seriously wrong with this site?
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Whoa! Those are expensive animals!
Those cats & dogs are pretty & everything, but there are so many other pets that need homes.
And for the insane amount of money they cost, we would just rather give that money to a shelter!
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They were in a magazine recently too as gifts for the person who has everything
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that makes me sick to my stomach.. $28K for a cat. There are so many cats that are not with a home, and they are trying to breed a hypoallergenic cat and they want to charge $28k for a cat!! come on people..How about taking that hand over fist money and put it towards cat shelters adn cat food and helping those cats that die by the hundreds each week because they don't have a home and are unwanted.. Ohh that just burns my bisquits!!!
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It burns me too, especially the 100% hypoallergenic part. Are they making the cats saliva-less?
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Oh my goodness! I have a few things to say about these pets!

1. What the heck! $28,000, I don't think so! I love my kitties just as much!

2. Aren't wild animals dangerous to own?

3. LIFESTYLE pets?!? Great......

4. On one hand it looks really cool, on the other, it looks like an imbred mutt. It reminds me of the liger, a very unhealthy animal.
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
1. What the heck! $28,000, I don't think so! I love my kitties just as much!
Jeez, I think I love my kitties more knowing that they didn't cost me $28,000 each!

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I am asking Santa for one.... Hahaha...j/k

Thats insane!! I just cant even begin to imagine, but I am sure theres people put there that WILL pay that for a pet....
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Originally Posted by Green Bunny View Post
Jeez, I think I love my kitties more knowing that they didn't cost me $28,000 each!

amen to that..
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HOLY !!!!! That is just insane.
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Okay, let's be fair. The Ashera is just $22K if you can wait for 9 - 12 months. The extra $6K is for speedy kitty delivery. Don't forget that, regardless of when you get the putty cat, you get that 1 free year of advice from that animal behaviorist. Betcha that guy has never visited TCS!
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You're right -- there is something terribly wrong with that site. I ranted about it awhile back on another thread, as did lots of people, so I'll try not to get riled up again here... but I certainly do agree that it's wrong by every possible measure.

The way we humans presume to treat our fellow creatures is one of our most disgusting qualities.
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besides all that, i am willing to bet that someone somewhere would be allergic to it. i was allergic to my own hair when i was a kid, so tell me about hypoallergenic cats and dogs. thats a load of bs so ppl will pay out the rear for an inbread animal that most likely comes from one of those puppy mill type places.
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They are stunningly beautiful, but in some of the pics they still look a bit too wild to me. One in particular looks like it wants to rip somebody's head off, and looks perfectly capable of doing it.
That much money for a cat is just nuts. So much good could be done with much money, purchasing just one and all the breeding that had to be done to get them. I shudder to think what happened to the "failures."
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