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Possibly Another Cat in My Future?

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... I can hope!

When we got Kit, he'd never really had experience with other cats. His mother had abandoned him at about 5 weeks, and he was the only survivor in his litter. He was a feral being fed outside by one of my clients when Jess and I took him home. Because of this, I worried that he wouldn't do well with other cats, so had basically resigned myself to caring for him as an only.

However, the other night, my roommate's sister (she lives downstairs) and her boyfriend had to chase their cat, Mio, when he escaped. They accidentally locked themselves out, and when they finally caught Mio, they couldn't get back into their apartment. The three of them ended up staying the night at our place while they waited for the landlord to come let them in (it was in the middle of a HUGE snow storm, of course.)

To my surprise, Kit wasn't at all aggressive or even really scared of Mio - who looks like a giant version of Kit, actually, without the little white patch. Mio proceeded to eat from Kit's bowl AND use his litterbox, neither of which phased Kit in the slightest. He ate from the same bowl and used the litterbox without a problem. He didn't hiss or growl at Mio; he arched/puffed up a little and was a bit intimidated, but he didn't seem to be too bothered by him. He wanted to get close and sniff him and say hello, but Mio was growly/hissy at him, so he didn't.

It heartened me, though! I think Kit might do okay with another cat, as long as it's a cat that's used to other cats and relatively friendly with them! When we move, we may consider adopting from a shelter so Kit can have a companion!

The thought is veryyyyyyyyyy exciting to me
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Hopefully you can get another cat someday
That would be great for Kit to have a little playmate
Tell us all about it when you adopt a kitty!
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