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Vibes for Rolo please

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Dropped him off earlier so he can have his dental tomorrow - due to his age, he is also having full bloods, please keep your fingers crossed they are normal, and his thinness is just age related. I have someone ringing back tomorrow who may be interested in offering him a home in the New Year - I would have loved to keep him myself, but Molly isn't keen on him, and he has had a few fights with neighbours cats when allowed out, and he would go potty staying in, so not fair to keep him. So also some vibes that this people want to come and meet him.
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We hope everything goes well for Rolo at the vets
Here are many For him to find a loving home!
Heres for Good Luck just in case
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that all goes well!
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Sending lots of vibes for Rolo.
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Thanks everyone - the house has been awfully quiet, I can't remember the last time I was down to 2 cats!! And both prefer to stay upstairs, so I sat on my own most of the night!! Normally Rolo would be with me, so it will be odd when he finds a good home.
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Well, he has had his dental, his bloods were fine, but his gums were very inflamed, vets have had to give him a steroid jab, and we have to go back in 2 weeks to see how they are. They have said he will be able to be rehomed, but he could need either regular steroid jabs or all his teeth removed, so might be an expensive cat to adopt - along with the fact he can only eat one kind of wet food and one kind of dry!! And he is 10 and while fine with my girls (well, he wasn't with Tiger), he has had issues with the neighbours male cats. Fingers crossed this bloke is willing to take him on regardless!!
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Well, it is a week tomorrow since his dental, and he still has smelly breath, so am assuming this means it will definitely be a long term issue. I hope we can find some solution that wont drain our resources (will defo have to do more fundraising next year!!), and that we can find someone willing to take him on.
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Poor kitty! More me and all my kitty babies. We have had several Christmas miracles posted here, maybe Rolo will get one as well.
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Thanks - fortunately we have no time limit on cats staying with us, he is a wonderful cat, so I am happy for him to stay however long is necesary.
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poor kitty.
for a forever home for him...
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WEll, I am not very happy tonight, vet checked Rolo for me, and pointed out that he has 4, possibly 5 teeth that need removing, plus plaque on some others, even I could see probs with 3 of them, and I ain't a vet. So, that probably explains why he still has smelly breath after a dental, so she has given me a weeks worth of Antirobe and wouldnt commit to him needing monthly steroid jabs, just another dental. he has had gunky eyes since coming back (can't remember them being like that before), so has to have Fucithalmic in them 3 times a day, and his ears now need daily cleaning rather than the twice weekly the rescues vet told me, and if no better in a week, to have some Canaural. So, still not up for rehoming, and the rescue is speaking to the vets tomorrow to see what he says. I think I would rather pay my own vet out of my own money to get his teeth sorted though
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Awww, poor Rolo. Sending more vibes his way.
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That's just insane that he supposedly had a dental yet still has these teeth issues :dis:
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I know, just waiting for the rescue to ring now to see what we can do - I personally wouldnt be paying them though!! and it means we can't home him just yet, which is a bit of a blow.
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It sounds like Rolo might be best off with no teeth. Odo is headed in that direction--I'm considering having all but his last fang pulled at his next dental. His teeth, especially the molars, get so bad in 3 to 6 months that you would think he had never had a dental in his life, even though he's had 2 in the past year and a half. It sounds like Rolo might have LPGS (Lymphocytic-plasmocytic gingivitis stomatitis), which is a type of auto immune disorder. It's often thought that in cats with LPGS, their body is allergic to the plaque on their teeth, so it attacks the teeth. The gums get very red and swollen. Frequently, removing the teeth can be a cure because there is nothing left for the body to attack.
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Thanks for that, I had read up on an article about Stomatitis and wondered why the rescues vet would say to give steroid jabs, when the site I found said they shoudlnt be used!! He could just have bad teeth due to being old and living on the streets for a while though.
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for Rolo recovering.
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Meant to post yesterday - after just a couple of days on Antirobe, he no longer has smelly breath, he even licked my cheek yesterday and I didn't have to hold my breath!! Just wish the rescues vet had used them two weeks ago!! And, I haven't heard any fighting for ages, the only prob is he stays out for ages, which isn't good when you have things to do!!
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Vet has said his teeth can be done either when they are a prob, or when I rehome him, whichever comes first (although she didn't think I would be able to rehome him at his age - I have homed older!!), I am tempted to get his thyroid checked, as his appetite is still tremendous, and he still has a thin back end, and his fur isn't the greatest.
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His breath started to get worse the other week, so popped him up to the vets and his gums were terrible, so we booked him in for a dental, which was yesterday. Poor Rolo has had 11 teeth out, so only got 2 left!! Vet says he definitely has calicivirus (and that is just going off his teeth and gums, not doing tests - I had suspected that at weekend though), so I am more annoyed about the rescues vet not picking this up. Vet thinks that there shouldn't be too much risk to the other cats as it isn't something that affects every cat, and at least if it does flare up again, he only has 2 teeth left. I do feel as though I have to tell potential owners though and fortunately he was going to be rehomed as an only cat anyway. he has been a bit picky with his food (but due to the fact he ate 2 pouches at the vets, I Think he is playing on me!!), but is happily playing, so I have left the room to see if he will settle and sleep off his anaesthetic!! It took me ages to take off his bandage cos all he wanted to do was play!!
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Aw, poor Rolo! Hope he is great soon, and finds a great home!
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hang in there Rolo!
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Thanks - you wouldnt know he had had such a large amount of teeth taken out, he is eating well and still playing as much as ever - sadly not stopped the issues with the neighbours cats though.
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