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Would you do this

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Okay my b/f and I are planning to get married this summer. He wants to do it in camo. But I figured since we wanted to do it outside. Maybe since we both are country people and such we could do it in jeans and well I have a nice little outfit but its a light brown skirt and a white blouse with light pink in it is a very nice outfit and I just need some boots and I thought about having him wear a nice western outfit and boots and just having a nice backyard wedding and I thought about for kicks having my dad hold a shotgun. We have both been married before and I just really would rather make it a day we can say we did it our way rather than how everyone else wanted us to. And I even want my dogs there. Although I don't know about that I have dogs and he has dogs between the two of us not counting my dogs at dad's we have four dogs. So what does everyone think about that idea.
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At first DH and I planned an outdoor wedding, but things changed and it didn't happen. It was a cool idea - however on his side there are a lot of older people and we really couldn't see them walking in the fields for a wedding.

DH and I wanted to dress up and borrow someone's horses for the wedding

I do know a couple who's dog was the "ring bearer" and it was cute, so if you want to include the dogs, do so
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However you two want the wedding is how it should be!
The more outrageous, the more memoriable your wedding will be...

Hubby & I didn't get married like the way lots of other couples do.
I didn't want to wear a wedding dress & he isn't a tux wearing type of guy...

You two will look gorgeous no matter what you wear! Good Luck!!
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I think you're wedding will be fun! As long as that's what both of you want!

I'm going to have a horse or two in my wedding! I would really like to have a young flower girl on a little poney Too cute!!!!

I also want to play the wild west wistle (the one you always hear right before a quick draw fight in the movies)! It will be so funny! I want my wedding to be a little wild and fun!

I agree with "the more outragous the more memorable"!!!!
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I love the idea of a unique wedding!
You should have your dogs! You could even get them little cowboy hats or something. I think it sounds very cute! And for your boots why not keep an eye on some online shoe stores and places like Victorias Secret. Sometimes they have really neat really pretty boots!
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