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Nw kitten has hernia?

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Hi everyone. Scooter and I are new members. Scooter is 7 weeks old and has been in our family for 2 days now. Tomorrow he goes for his 1st checkup, however we are concerned because we noticed a lump on his belly after we brought him home. I'm guessing its an umbilical hernia. Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it dangerous? Can it be repaired?

Concerned new cat owner. Kathie.
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Welcome to the site Kathie and Scooter!

I'm going to move your post to Health and Nutrition where our experts can give you more help with this question.
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Yes, it can be repaired. If it isn't too bad it can wait until his neutering. I had a kitten with a hernia and he did just fine. Becky
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Your kitten is very young to be away from it's mom. Was it a ferel rescue? I hope you enjoy your new baby for years to come. Please be sure to have him neutered and don't let them talk you into declawing your precious baby! Send pictures when you can!
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My Echo had a hernia when she was born and I didn't really know what it was until I got her spayed at 6 months. The Vet told me that it wasn't serious at the time, but could eventually become serious later on in life. So, when she was under the knife for her spay they removed the hernia at the same time. No problems since then. I would definitely ask the Vet and see what they think. It might not be serious enough to be removed right now, but it's best to find out in case if it really is serious. Good luck and welcome to the site!
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