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Lots of news

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Hey I have missed everyone but I have not been able to get online in so long. I am living with my boyfriend and I am very happy. Tavia is too she loves him I have never seen her take to anyone like him. My dad loves him and so does my sister and they are treating me alot better. I also adopted a little 4-6 month old torti and her name is Cloe I hope I spelled that right. I am also moving into a bigger house at the end of the month and I will be able to get online once we get settled. I can't wait but in the meantime I will try and stop in at the library to keep everyone updated. I am going crazy missing TCS. I can't wait to show you pics of Cloe and dad has adopted Salem and has fallen inlove with him. Although he stays outside but dad made him a nice bed in the garage and he follows dad everywhere. Dad even holds him when company leaves so he doesn't get near the cars. And dad lives a couple of miles from the road so I don't worry about that too much. My b/f asked me to marry him this summer. And not sure how much I have told everyone but he was my first love we dated about ten -twelve years ago and have known each other for about 20 and I never stopped thinking about him even when I was with other people. I will fill everyone in asap. miss you all so much. Love and Hugs Gail, Tavia, and Cloe, and Donald. Oh and before we got together he wasn't a cat person. Tavia and Cloe have changed his mind he says they are making him go soft.
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Congratulations on everything! You have a lot going on these days
Congratulations on your engagement - that is exciting!!
Good Luck moving into your new house, you'll have to tell us about it!
Happy to hear Tavia gets along with Donald!
Can't wait to see photos of Cloe! We love Torties :

We wish you the best! Keep us all updated when you have time
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Aww thank you. Now that I remembered I can get online at the library I will try to keep online more often. My girls are doing really well I just got Cloe a few weeks ago and Tavia is slowly adjusting to her. But Cloe didn't give her much choice she follows Tavia everywhere like the typical baby sister. And Tavia lets her till she has enough and then she bops her on the head. But Cloe is proving to have an attitude yesterday I was laying on the bed and miss Cloe decides to attack my behind and my hair and when I went to push her away since her claws hurt she bit me. She is just so demanding though. She thinks she has to be loved on at all times. And she will demand it. Yesterday Donald was laying on the bed trying to read a newspaper and Cloe laid right down in the middle of it and then stretched out from one side to the other and then when he told her daddy couldn't see for her she got up and crawled upto him and laid on his arm with her head in the way. And I told him welcome to the cat world because that was about normal. She also loves to attach my feet at night. I am so happy now I don't even remember what it was like to be unhappy.
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Great news and congrats on the upcoming wedding. One caution - please be VERY sure he is ok with cats and not just saying so.

Made the mistake with my first husband - he really was not an animal lover, tolerated our cats and at times seemed to like them. But the bottom line was he really didn't want them around and made it known in arguments, etc.

After marriage he told me about his "abuse" to a cat that was owned by his first wife - had I known that, I would never had married him!
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He makes a bigger fuss over them being daddies girls than me. But what makes me know I can trust him is Tavia I trust her instincts more so than my own and I guess its because she doesn't go to people and she did go to him. and she went to him within a couple of days well once she decided she wasn't mad because I moved her that is. She is all over him and it took her six months to even let my dad approach her and she wouldn't go near my ex husband and he was with her when she was a kitten but then again he was mean to her. But she sleeps on his side of the bed and she actually lets him rub her belly and she is not easily won over. And I guess thats why I trust him and because he loves animals he just was more of a dog person before we moved in together and I simply think he just didn't realize how good cats were but that might be because he didn't have cats as a kid but he loves his uncles cat. Although I laugh at him because he doesn't know how to tell the difference in a boy cat and a girl. We rescued a tom who is staying with his uncle now and he thought for sure he was a girl. But if I ever thought he was going to abuse my girls I would leave him in an instant.
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Gail, all of this is wonderful news! CONGRATS!!
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Its good that your life is going so well right now!!! Congrats!!!
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