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Help! My cat really hates my husband now

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We adopted Butzie in June and now, all of a sudden, she hates my husband. If he gets near her, she runs away. New behavior.

My husband, of 25 years, is a gentle guy but not really a pet person. He never had pets until he married me. He may be indifferent to their affection, but he always takes care of them. He is the one up earliest so he feeds Butzie. She doesn't complain about that!

Nothing has changed in the relationship, so I do not know why she runs from him. Only thing I can think of is that he accidentally closed the inside door to the garage and locked her in the garage and there was no way in or out. That actually happened 2x recently.

Any ideas?
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I have no idea. Is your DH a tall/big man? Sometimes that can scare a cat even if he didn't really do anything.

I suggest your husband sit at a lower level (chair/sofa or floor) and try to get the cat to interact in playing (like with a feather toy, etc.)

And perhaps even feed the cat for awhile or offer treats.
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Has he changed anything lately? Cologne, shampoo, anything that would give him an unfamiliar scent to Butzie? It may not be that she hates him, she may just not recognize his scent and is afraid of what she percieves as something new. She may be one of those cats that holds a grudge and is mad at him for locking her up, since they really don't understand "accidentally." If she was ok with him once, she probably will be again.
I am not really an expert on such things, just what I have seen on here. I am sure one of our resident experts will see this and offer some advice as well. I hope things work out. Please keep us posted.
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He's stressed about his job. Do you think she can be responding to that?
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Could be he senses the stress and is stressing out over it, too.
Come on, folks, somebody else must have some ideas.
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Cats react to stress. If your husband is stressed out that is probably causing stress on your kitty! When I get upset, with anything, my cat reacts to it, they become stressed out also! When Glitch died last month I got stressed and poor BooBoo was put on anti anxiety meds! (they work too, I like em) So I doubt its anything he's done although cats do hold grudges! Good luck! Some of the experts Im sure can help you better than I can!
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