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Anemia AND Seziure

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I brought my little 5 year old Chestnut home 6 days ago and last night he had a seziure. It lasted 3-5 min and it seemed to affect his entire body (ie: it was not just facial twitching ect). We brought him to the ER immediatly after even though he seemed fine. They did neurological testing and said that was fine, as were his BP and temp. This tox screne came back fine but he is showing slight anemia (RBC was 24.5%). We are waiting on more blood work to see what kind of anemia this is.

The vet clicic I adopted him from had him on record as a patient for the last 3 years and said that he has never come in for anything other than his routine boosters. They are trying to get ahold of his previous owner who had abandoned him when he got depoloyed (I got him from a military clinic) to see if they can get me any further information.

He has been vacinated for FeLV but not FIV, and has not yet been tested for either.

As of right now his personality and his behaviors seem to be back to normal. We are very scared and do not know much about seziures OR anemia in cats, does anyone know where I can find more information or know what might be causing this?
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I have had 2 Cats with Severe Anemia before but they never had seizers. Does he have any fleas they can cause Anemia.
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No Fleas, no history of fleas that I am aware of, though he was outdoors for an unknown peroid of time when he was first abandonded.
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We just lost our cat yesterday from a violent seizure. She was in severe renal failure however despite her high blood values she functioned quite well. Her PVC levels last month were 16% making her severely anemic. We started her on Epogen and her PVC level was. Rising. She had a seizure yesterday morning that we didn't know about and I'm assuming it was her first. We found her acting very confused and wobbly. 30 minutes later she had a severe one and it basically paralyzed her and she appeared to have trouble breathing. We took her in and because she never recovered and believed her health is what caused her seizure, it was her time.
She was down to one kidney, had uretha stones, high toxins levels, etc. We decided she fought long and hard enough. Toughest thing I ever had to do.
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I'm very sorry to hear about your loss!

So far Chestnut seems fine today, his kidney,liver ect levels were all fine, the only significant finding was his anemia, they told me it was mild.
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I found some good information on seizures in cats but the article was far too long to post so heres the address


Let me know what find out!
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Thanks! I actually read that article earler todayvery helpful
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