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Question of the Day - December 17th

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Here's one of my own!!

Are your close friends of the same gender or different? For those in relationships, do you think it's ok to have very close friends of the opposite gender?

For me, my closest friend is a guy, I can tell him anything and he can tell me anything. I talk to him on the phone for at least an hour everyday He has helped me through some of the lowest points in my life (divorce, financial troubles) I don't know what I'd do without him!

Also, he has a girlfriend right now that I think is very wrong for him, I'm the one he vents to, but he's going to have to figure it out for himself. He's a great guy, super catch- he and I would be a dynamic duo I'll let him figure that out on his own too
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I dont have many friends here. When I moved with my ex I left all my friends and never made many more.

My closest friend here is a guy. But we are kinda floating in between friends and more at this point. Started out as friends.

Im friends with a couple of the girls from work but not that close.
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I'm a guy, but the majority of my close friends are female. I have male friends too, but not as much.
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I don't really have any close friends
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
I don't really have any close friends
Me neither, thats why I put so much on here in the Forums. I'm so glad I found this site. You guys are my close friends
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Originally Posted by Fostermomm View Post
I dont have many friends here..
..I thought that I was your friend here.......

...just kidding my friend! don´t feel bad!......

For me I haven´t distintion,.....Maybe I´m a good listener so I can be have boths sides close friends!...

Good Question KAttie!
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I have a few people I consider close friends and they are female. Besides DH, I can hardly say I have any male friends anymore.
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I don't have very many close friends. I have John, and a couple other good friends. All of my close friends are guys. I have a few female acquaintances but none that are close.
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I don't really have any friends either I feel like a looser sometimes and other times I wonder how I can find enough time to have a friend!

My SO is my best friend and right now he's enough for me to deal with

I have found it hard to find a good friend because I am just so dang picky and when I do find a friend for some reason they always end up wanting to date ME! Wether they are male or female, it doesn't matter. I've had two female friends in the last year that ended up wanting to date me and the friendship didn't work out. How can I have a boyfriend and a friend who wants to date me! I love gays, maybe that's why they always find me
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Don't you all wish we lived closer?? We'd all be friends!!
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My best friend and I talk about 4 times a week depending if we are having horrible days or not. I am almost like and extra family member for her and she is like the other daughter to my parents. I am normally invited to her place for Thanksgiving dinner and thing like that. I am also refered to as "Aunt" by her kids. Who are the most adorable 3.5 and 1.5 year olds. I also housesitt for them when they travel we are like a big happy family
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I used to have more guy friends, before I got married But now its mainly girls, but I still rather have a close guy friend...if that makes sense
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I would have to say the opposite sex. I have very few close friends the closest would be my boyfriend of 6 years I can tell him anything and he is so trustworthy. Girls (NO OFFENSE I am a women too ) tend to be more catty. I manage a restaurant and the women tend to... well lets just say be "cat"ty with each other.
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ok, i wasn't raised here in the USA, so when i came here, i met some amazing people who are like my second family.
I have in total 12 super close friends, who i can TELL anything too, and they wont tell a soul ( i have known these people for now 14 years )
My three best friends, are my BF, my priest, and my family ( i count them as one ).
my 12 close friends, two are gay (male) , 2 are males, and the rest ( 8) are females.
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I have 2 close friends that are female. Usually I get along with guys better. When I was a teen most of my close friends were guys and alot of girls would get jealous.
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I dont really have friends of my own here in Charleston. They are mutual friends that I met through Rob when I moved. Usually I get along better with guys, and I talk to an equal amount of girls and guys at work. In NJ my closest friend was a guy though.
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Whats a friend?
Haha J/K. Right now I'm surprising myself as I'm making friends with GIRLS I've always been more the male oriented. However my female friends in MI like Martinis and cigars and chainsaws. What more could I ask for in a female friend??
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I have mostly girlfriends that are close..but in high school, it was mostly guys

My rule is...if I was friends with them before they had the gf, then there is no problems...if a guy makes friends with a girl AFTER he meets his gf...thats not cool
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We are into cars, so most of my friends happen to be guys, and even thought there are many girls in the local car community, they all stink on ice, so I tend to gravitate and get along better with the guys. . .
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My closest friends are girls. When I was younger most of my friends were guys but when we hit puberty they all started acting like jerks.
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hmm 2 guys, 2 girls, and 1 ladyboy. that about covers it.
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