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One week til Christmas!

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Are you ready?
I got most of my shopping done this weekend, but I still have 2 or 3 things to pick up this week before I head home Friday.

Can someone tell me please how this snuck up so quickly?
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I'm ready and waiting!! All i need is my vegetables at the weekend, and my turkeys being delivered on christmas eve morning, so bring it on!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I'm ready and waiting!! All i need is my vegetables at the weekend, and my turkeys being delivered on christmas eve morning, so bring it on!!!!!

Are you having a big gathering at your house, Susan? Don't forget the wine!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Are you having a big gathering at your house, Susan? Don't forget the wine!
I've got my sister, neice, her husband, my SIL, and baby Millie Wait until you see her in her santas hat that i bought her

I've got a bottle of champers in the fridge ready to be popped!
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I just have to pick up some sticking stuffers for Dh and I'm done, I have everything I need for the dinner, I didn't think I would ever get it all done
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I'm not ready at all! None of the presents are wrapped yet. I still have 3 people to shop for, need to make a huge trip to the grocery store (i'm hosting Christmas this year- so that means tons of people to feed), and i have yet to have a desire to do much of anything as i'm STILL sick- so tomorrow i must force myself to do some of the shopping while i'm off work
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LOL, man..I am so not ready I just finished buying for the kids yesterday and now I need to buy for everyone else I am such a slacker!
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i can't believe how fast this year has gone! it's going to be my first christmas away from my parents, i moved in with my boyfriend in april and even now i can't believe i'm actually ready and waiting for chistmas LOL! i hope it's going to be the best ever, after all i deserve that much after having a stressful year
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Just stop it, Kenzie!!!!

Bah, Humbug!!!

I am SO not ready!!!
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I have no idea how it snuck up so quick this year! But I'm pretty much done too. I need to get one thing for Emily's new hubby and I have no clue what to even look for! YIKES!
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Almost ready...I have my brother to buy for then to finish up Bruce.

I can't wait until next month when I can START SAVING MONEY ...I hope...
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I have to do my Christmas shopping tomorrow. I took care of my brother's gift already and half of my dad's. I still have to buy for my mom, sister and two goddaughters.
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I picked up my last few things tonight and DH's parent's present arrived in the mail. I just need to wrap their things and mail them off! Then wrap the rest of the things. Not sure what grocery items I need yet. Better get on that though. Walmart was insane tonight.
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I'm all ready, presents have been wrapped and under the tree since early December.
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We made sure to buy everything that we needed to ship and got that all shipped off, but we still have some gifts to buy for the kids (and fur kids) but it has to wait until FRIDAY when my husband gets paid. I DREAD shopping then too.
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I finally got all my Christmas shopping done, but haven't wrapped anything yet.
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I'm all done, packages were sent out and have been received.
We are spending Christmas in Florida with my son and DIL and fly out on Friday. I had to be on top of things really early this season, it feels good!
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I'm as ready as I'm going to be. Gifts are bought and only a few are left to be wrapped.
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I still need to go and buy a gift for my niece and for my sister (and possibly two other people if they wind up comming to my house for Christmas.) Other than that i'm finished shopping -i just need to wrap everything up.

Colin is supposed to help me put together my reindeer for the front yard, so hopefully we'll get that done in the next day or two. I need to go to the grocery store and get the stuff to start cooking/baking!
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I have to wrap the last of my gifts tonigh, I thought I was finished until I went shopping & bought some more gifts... gifts that I really didn't need to get

I'm so ready to head home on Friday!
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I am pretty ready here for Christmas I just have to finish up on Saturday with my shopping. I am SO excited. I did wrap most of the presents and Tiger bit some of the paper when I was wrapping one of my brother's gifts as if it wasn't hard to wrap already because it was really odd shaped. but I just left it and he won't care if Tiger tried to "help" Miagi usually is sleeping when I wrap presents it's funny because they'd both be in the room and they would want themselves wrapped and nothing else. I can't wait!!!! I LOVE Christmas.
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1 present to wrap, tiny little stocking stuffers picked up as I find them, then I have to pack up me and my favorite brat to head for home... that'll be a fun (loud) trip.

*looking forward to *mowmowmowmow* for six hours*
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All my shopping is done for my family! I just need to wrap a few gifts, I got sick of wrapping last Sunday. We just need to pick up a couple things for my boyfriend's family but they're pretty much done as well. I can't wait for Christmas!
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Just finished shopping, finally! I know i'm meant to be saving money, and the giftees know as well, but i felt rotten about not getting them gifts.

Oh i've got some pure butter choc chip shortbread...want some?
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shopping is all done, now we just need to stock up on veggies, beer and junk food and christmas is complete
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I just bought 2 bags of candy cane kisses (white chocolate kisses with bits of candy cane in them they are SO good!) I almost devoured the whole bag today. I am bringing the other one to work I will probably share tomorrow. come with me to work and I will give you some!
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