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Daily Thread Monday Dec 17th!

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Good morning all my lovelies!

Today is cake day at work So bright and early at 10:30am we have cake for breakfast Can't wait!

Also it is my early day today, so I get to leave at 3:30..Monday is the best for that Not much else for today...heading to the gym after work..I didn't go all week last week Too busy...

Have a great Monday friends!
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Today is my darling fiances 33rd birthday, so this evening we'll be eating together as a family and serving his favourite meal I just finished a portrait of us together in black and white acrylic as a gift - and he LOVES it! :phew: Looking forward to a nice easy evening.
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Hey all.Not much going on here today.The kids are on a two hour delay, as we had ice hit us yesterday.
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Hello Everyone!

Went to do a little christmas shopping today. Can't wait to see the smiles on their faces when they open up their presents Of course, I can't help being a little excited to open my presents too

Have a great day!
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Morning All!

Well the snow has once again stopped for a bit. Very nice morning, bright and sunny and with all the fresh snow everything has a sparkly quality.

Heading off to work shortly, my boss is back from a business trip so I will be meeting with him most of the day doing catch-up.

Not anything interesting planned, am thinking about shopping for a few toys for the Salvation Army gift boxes after work. Am going to hit some of the staff up for donations to help out.

Kitties are good, watching birds at the bird feeder. I filled it this morning when I was out cleaning up my deck and stairs. We have some blue jays, Canada Jays, a couple of chick-a-Dee's and 2 rose breast grosebeaks.
I enjoy watching them also.

Everyone have a good one
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Morning to all my friends!
as always here you have a bit of sun from our tropical lands!...
no much for today, again for the holiday season, putting all on the accountans for close the year without nothing forgetting!..
Yummy!... cake for breakfast!.........:lo3: that should be terrific!
To those who still shopping for christmas I hope donĀ“t have a stress day!........
See you around!
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Morning TCSers!!

Well it was a looong weekend and I'm beat! Had a party on Saturday night for Jon's cousin Courtney's boyfriends birthday (what a mouthful) and to celebrate the end of our last Fall semester of undergrad. It didn't end until last night and of course I had clean-up duty

This week is super busy... Tonight Jon and I may go to look at some KITTIES!! We are thinking Roxie may like a friend for Christmas! Then I have loads of Christmas shopping to do the rest of this week! I'm so nervous that I'm not going to get everything done!

Have a good Monday everyone.. and try to keep warm!
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My daughter and I are heading to Macy's when they open to avoid the crowds and to get panty hose and thigh-high stockings. Exciting day, isn't it?
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