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Kittens gone

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Well my cat Mewpurr had her kittens last week she had, I think two. She apparently had them in the middle of the day while I was at hospital with sick kids (both kids had very bad asthma attacks for first time). I'm guessing that mewpurr had them and did not know what to do with them. I'm afraid my dog ate them. This of course is all speculation. I came home and my kids bedroom just stunk of cat pee and dead. There were no babies to be found but a couple brown spots on my kids carpet. Mewpurr hadn't really looked pregnant for a couple days. Her bum was red and had slight bleeding. She slept alot. Then later in the day and the next day I kept smelling this awful smell like sewer/dead. I discovered it was my dog passing gas and her breath smelled dead. My assumption is that she gave birth didn't know what to do with the kittens and they sufficated then the dog came by and saw something meat-like on the carpet and ate it. Its kind of a bummer I was actually looking forward to the little guys. I guess everything happens for a reason. In any case Mewpurr is fine and back to her very active, vocal, and social self. I had two of the unborn kittens spoken for and the was-going-to-be owners are very bummed. I told them there are plenty of unwanted kittens and to check with the humane society and cat connection for kittens. This will however make moving a little less complicated. I'm shopping for a low cost spay and neuter clinic for both of these cats now. The humane society has a waiting period of 4-5 weeks and I'm afraid these two will mate before then if I don't hurry and find some place else. Wish me luck. Thanks for all your help and support during our stressful time. Joan
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OH MY GOSH..............

I don't know what to say.....

I'm sorry for your loss.....
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How sad for you!

That would be horrible trying to figure out what happened with them. Then coming to the conclusion that the dog had something to do with that.

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Joan, I'm so sorry about the loss of the kittens. It is also very possible from your descriptions of what was happening with Mewpurr that the kittens were stillborn. She is very young, isn't she? (I sometimes get members' cats confused )

For Low Cost Spay/Neuter programs, check out this link: http://www.lovethatcat.com/spayneuter.html It lists them by state, so maybe there's something in your area you can use. If nothing else, and I know this isn't a permanent solution, get at least one of the cats de-sexed so they cannot reproduce and keep them separated until then. Females come into heat very quickly after having kittens, and especially since Mewpurrs kittens aren't there anymore she will be ready soon! If Mewpurr ever goes outside, I would get her done first. If not, males are much cheaper to get neutered and will at least take away the possibility of her getting pregnant again.
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Mewpurr was to my guesstimation about 6 months tops. She now looks the size of a full grown female. I need to take her in first because of her peeing. She peed around my couch just before Christmas (what a Christmas present) which is about the time she, I thought was going to go into her first heat which never actually happened. I think she got pregnant before it was full blown but I'm not much of cat expert. Just guessing. Everyone told me I would "know" when she was in heat. The only indication I had was the peeing around my couch which I was told females often do just before going into heat to attract males. She slipped out of the house every chance she got during that time. One of the times in which my husband witnessed a mating. I'm getting a little concerned about my poor Jaspurr. He's so thin. He's active and friendly and appears healthy but he's so skinny. You can feel every bit of his bones. He's not losing just not gaining. That is why I'm inclined to think he's older/senior. I've got to get these guys to a vet for check up at least. Since taking them in I've heard I should have kept them isolated from my cat for her health/safety. I didn't get her leukehmia shot because vet said since she was indoor cat and not exposed to other cats that her chance of contracting it were slim so it was not necessary for her to have, now I'm worrying I've possibly infected her and the other one I took in. My husband says I'm not happy if I don't have something to worry about maybe he's right to some degree. I don't lay awake at night over it but am anxious to get answers. Thanks for the list of low cost spay/neuter clinics I'm going to check it out right now and see if I can find one around here to go to ASAP.

As for my dog, I wouldn't really put anything past her as far as the kittens are concerned. She has saved my hamsters from the cats but I think if they were already dead, she would no doubt eat them. She was great with the last kittens (Jayda's siblings). She's very maternal. Maybe so maternal that if they were stillborn or died right after she would eat them as she would her own. Who knows. I'm not going to think about it anymore. What's done is done, right. Now I need to make sure baby Mewpurr doesn't have to grow up in a hurry and be a mommy. Thanks for you thoughts.
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Mewpurr is going in on Feb 12th Its going to be $115 which I know is low cost but its still going to hurt. FYI - The phone number for the Michigan Humane Society of Huron Valley is wrong. They had an area code change. The new area code is (734). I wasn't sure how to edit it.
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im glad mewpurr is ok. that was a frightening post.
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I am so sorry about the loss of those little kittens. If I'm reading this right Mewpurr is going to be spayed on the 12th...right? Please update us after she has her surgery.
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I wanted to post earlier but could not find the words. This is soooo sad. Give Mewpurr a big hug from me.
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