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He sleeps so oddly!! But so cute!!

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I can't get over all the weird positions that our new kitten, Ezekiel, sleeps in!! He is so strange and SOO cute too!! (most of these are while he is sleeping in my chair with me)
here he is propped up against the arm of the chair!

Same position -different angle

This gives a whole new meaning to "sleeping like the dead"

Chilling with Mommy

I think someone broke the kitty!!

Ok are you ready for the cute pictures??

ok last one--for now....

I hope you enjoyed them!
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Originally Posted by badninjakitties View Post
Same position -different angle
Too cute!!
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Awwww, he is so cute!!!
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Kittens are so weird!!!!

He's really cute though! I love him
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Aww!!! So adorable!! I enjoyed all of them!!
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Is his nickname Pretzel?
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Sooo cute
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Thanks for sharing. They are very cute. And yes cats do sleep in the most unusual ways.
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awww he is far too cute, i love his little blue collar - very sweet
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OMG that's too funny! He is a cutie.
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oh, my god.. i'm in love
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Nothing is a cute as a sleeping kitten.
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awww i just love his little white toes!!! He's soo cute
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I love snuggle bugs .
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Awwww....what a cutie pie.
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What an absolute darling! Each picture was another "Aaawwwww....."

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