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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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I am going to see them for the 3rd year in a row on Thursday! I can't wait! Have you ever seen them? It is an awesome Christmas show if they come to your area.


This is a link of a guy who decorated his house with Trans-Siberian Orchestra music. I remember it going around a lot last year. All the clips that I found of the actual concerts were poor quality. But this is what they sound like, and you just have to imagine that they are doing their own light show on stage. AWESOME!!

Everyone should go!!
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Ooh, I am jealous! I love their christmas music
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You lucky, lucky woman!! I used to see them and Mannheim Steamroller every single year. Unfortunately, they don't make it down here to Brazil, but I've got the CD's to keep me company.
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i saw them for the 4th time this year on 11/20 in anaheim. there's nothing like them. every time i hear one of their songs i want to go see them again. can't wait til next year
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Very cool music... and that video! That is amazing!
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