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Chloe, my baby girl...

After a nasty cruel battle with FIP, she is gone.

I'm devastated. I tried everything, I thought she was getting better. I was sure she would make it through this.
But I was wrong...

I miss her so badly... I'm afraid Berach, her brother, may fall ill now.

(Berach and Chloe napping together in their hammock)
I'm obsessing over any tiny thing that may be different with him. I'm not sure if it's just the fear of losing him or if I really should be concerned.

We buried Chloe this morning. I put her in the garden next to the catnip and planted flowers over her grave. We lit incense and burned candles and we all said a few words. A stone angel bearing her collar now marks her grave.

She was only 5 months old. She was the sweetest kitty I ever knew.
I wasn't ready for her to leave me...

RIP Chloe...
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I'm so very sorry. RIP Chloe.
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I'm so very, very sorry. It's never easy to lose a loved one, but it's especially hard when they're so young. I will say a prayer for Chloe's sweet little soul and a prayer for you to find peace in this time of sadness.
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Oh my..Chloe was so beautiful Poor little sweety, may she rest in peace
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What a precious little girl. I'm so sorry. Rest in peace now beautiful Chloe.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Words always seem so inadequate at a time like this.

RIP Chloe. Romp happily over the bridge.
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Im so sorry for the loss of your beloved Chloe. Its terrible she crossed the bridge so soon... It seems to be about 3-4 weeks after their bellies start swelling, Im sending good vibes for you and your other baby!

By the way, thats a beautiful memorial for her grave!

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condolences on your sad loss of Chloe. she was just too young to go - Heaven must have a very good reason. Sending tons of {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that Berach stays healthy and that you both heal from your loss. Susan
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Chloe.
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RIP Chloe.
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Berach suddenly fell ill with FIP.
His chest rapidly filled with fluid and crushed his lungs in about 24 hours.

We put him to sleep this evening and he will join Chloe in the garden tomorrow.

my babies are both gone from me in 2 days!

It's so unfair and cruel... I loved them too much.

He was so adorable and sweet...
here are pictures of his sweet face...

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He was absolutly beautiful, as you already know! Im so so sorry!!

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Oh my goodness this is so sad, i'm so sorry

Their both safe and well over at the bridge now, but they'll be waiting for you when the time is right

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just read poor Berach's thread.. your poor kits! at least they're together now, but have left their meowmy bereft, & right before Christmas! you tell Beatrix she has to help you make it thru the holidays
Berach & Choe - guide your meowmy to the right kittens to salve her heart!
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I wish.

Beatrix isn't the most affectionate cat, although she does love me in her own way.
That Berach and Chloe could help guide me to the right babies is a very comforting thought, thank you.
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