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Pumpking is a 10 weeks old guinea pig.

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what an adorable baby! Look at that dinner - yummy! Definitely need a cuteness warning for this thread
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Awww, so cute!!
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Awww sweet!!!
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oh oh oh I love guinea pigs! I'm jealous!!We've got to many critters so I can't get one just yet till $ is better but oh when it is!!!!
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Aww Pumpkin is so cute! Pumpkin is obviously very spoiled too
Love all the yummy food & the fun toys you gave Pumpkin!
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very cute
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Precious! I have never seen a 'lil baby guinea pig!!
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awww he's soo cute!
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What a cute little fellow. You made him a beautiful home. How's he going with the new kitten.
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aw Pumpkin is a cutie I love guinea pigs , they make such cute noises
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awww Im getting one mom got me a really nice cage...I may be getting two I dont know yet I cant wait...I have to wait until I get a job though..but thanks to my mom Ive got everything I need
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very cute!
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