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Holiday Traveling Questions

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Please put this in the correct forum if it's in the wrong forum.

I know this has been asked about before, and recently, but I couldn't remember which forum, and tried and failed with the "Search" feature.

Also, my situation might be slightly different, as well. I'm going home for 3-4 days for Christmas and taking my boys with me. We'll be staying with my mom, who has no pets. Loki has been there before, but Possum hasn't. They will also be meeting my father for the first time. I can't afford Feliway, so that's not an option.

Loki will most like do fine. He adapts to new things quickly, and, like I said, he's been there before. Possum doesn't at all, though. He'll mostly likely hide, which will be fine, and he probably will hiss at my father and maybe my sister. That'll be fine, too, except I don't think my father really understands that, even though I keep telling him to expect it.

The car ride will be 2-3 hours (depending on traffic), and neither really like traveling in the car, but I don't foresee any real problems except for an annoying car ride with them vocally and persistently expressing their displeasure.

One main potential problem is this. My mother's side of the family is having their annual Christmas party on Christmas Eve. It's being held this year at my cousin's house which is an hour and a half away from here, but on the way. (For some reason that side of the family has consistently insisted that this party be held Christmas Eve night, even though some of us have better things to do the freaking night before Christmas! )

My cousin and her family have a large puppy, but she has graciously offered to let me bring my boys in with me and put them in a back room during the party. My family is large, and there will be small and adolescent children there, so I'll have to explain that the kitties will be scared and cannot be played with. Not to mention they have their claws. (Of course I'll be sure to trim their claws the day before.) Maybe as a compromise I can let them see Loki and Possum while they are in their carriers.

I'm a little nervous everything will be a little overwhelming for them, especially for Possum (who gets stressed out easily), but I think (and hope) they'll be okay. Mostly.

I work in retail, and I'm not sure when I will be able to leave, but it will most likely be Christmas Eve. Even if it's before, I only learned to drive a few months ago, and have not learned to drive on the highway, yet, so my mom will be picking us up. She had a stroke a year and a half ago, and now when she drives a long distance she's in a good deal of pain for a few days afterwards, so 2 trips that close together is out of the question. Me driving with her in the car is also out of the question because she cannot psychologically handle someone else driving her.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Has anybody dealt with bring their cats on short trips with pit-stops before? Is there anything that a lot cheaper than Feliway which might help?

Maybe when I get my schedule next week none of this will be a problem, but I'd like to be prepared in case my cats become "party animals" ().

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hmmmmmm that is tough. If you can't bring them home before the party the only thing I can suggest is asking your family if there is a bedroom or something you can leave them in alone during the party. Bring them in when it's quite and exit later when it's quiet. Don't let anyone see them, they are likely going to be upset enough.

Bring some of their 'things'
Blankets/beds they sleep on so atleast they have a little bit of home. I also use gravol on car rides (1/4-1/8 a tablet in a pillpocket), but that was reccomended by my vet since kismet gets very car sick,

I guess you don't have anybody close by that can look after them while you're gone?

I'm bringing my guys home over the holidays as well, mainly because kismet just got over a liver problem (was transported a lot during this time so I know she'll be ok with that) and I don't want someone who doesn't know her really well looking after her for 10 days just incase.

good luck! Hopefully you can go home first so they don't have too crazy a time!
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Ok I would keep the cats in a room as far from the party as you can. Depending on how long you will be at the party you can keep them in the carrier for the most part. Let them out briefly for food/water and litter pan, then cage them.

All you need is for someone to accidently open the door and they will run and hide, then you have more problems.
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Whew! Crisis averted! I finally found out that I got Christmas Eve off, so I can leave earlier and my boys won't have to come to the party with me! Yay!

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