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Can a cat carry ringworm without showing any signs of it? I've got ringworm, and I'm trying to figure out which of my animals gave it to me.
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Absolutely!!! We adopted two male kittens from the SPCA and my son, myself, the lady who sold them to us, and her daughter all got ringworm from them. The cats had small scaly circles on them, where hair had fallen off and the skin was black and gray and scaly. It did not itch them. After skin tests and being seen by the vet, it was still not diagnosed as Ringworm UNTILLLLLL, we all started getting spots of it. It is still taking forever for my son's to go away, mine was gone within a few weeks completely. Very contagious and very hard to treat and get rid of. Our vet put the kittens on a few cycles of "Program" and it definitely seemed to help, although another vet said this may have been a fluke because technically there is no reason why Program should work, it was just a coincidence found in the field if vets. Luckily for us the kitties' went away fairly quickly, but definitely tended to recur. Good Luck. -Jess
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I don't want to discount your cat having ringowrm and not showing it. However it's also possible you got it outside the house. It's very easy to get from schools, public bathrooms, etc. If this is the case, then you can give it to others as well as your cat.
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