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Noodle salad?

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Why does it seem like all I want to know about is food? LOL
I was wondering if anyone had a really good noodle salad recipe? The one I had once that I really liked had chopped pickles, carrots and celery and then elbow noodles and mayo....a few other things probably like salt and pepper and maybe garlic powder....anyway it was really good and I can't find anything like it on allrecipes.com. Any ideas? Thank you.
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my mom makes one that is totally awesome. Its really easy, just take your pasta, add itialian dressing, green olives, black olives, salt and peper to taste. Usually i use a couple pounds of pasta to one bottle dressing, a couple cans of black olives and about one small jar of green olives. Of course feeding our family is like an army so you would have to adjust for your meal. Just use enough dressing to coat the pasta and allow for absorbtion. Let it sit after cooking in refrigerator to cool for a few hours and its ready to go.
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I make a Thai Noodle and Chicken Salad that is delicioius. I use a store bought sauce and add the rest of the stuff, but this recipe looks pretty close to what I do.

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The one I make is Rainbow Pasta, mayo, mustard, sweet pickle relish, sliced black olives, hard boiled eggs, garlic salt and pepper. Sometimes I add cooked baby shrimp. I never measure tho.. LOL
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I make a very nice Hawaiian Pasta Salad that is very simple.
5cups cooked noodles (work best if still warm)
1/2 red onion chopped
6 oz of chopped black forest ham
1 can crushed pineapple
salt, pepper

In a large bowl place the still warm pasta( use whatever type you like the best)
add pineapple including 1/2 the juice
onion, ham, salt and pepper and mayo
Let sit in fridge for a couple hours then add more mayo if needed.

You can also add celery, chopped red pepper, even shredded carrots if you like them.
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