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Blue Monday DT

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Hello all,
Monday comes once again.
How is everybody?
I am just fine as frogs hair. Went to the post office today to mail off a couple of packages and they were cheaper than I thought to send off, I almost fainted there.
My head is spinning, the cats are hyper at the moment, I think its the weather. It was supposed to snow last night, but thankfully it didnt. Whew!
Trying to decide what to have for lunch - grilled zucchini with mushrooms and onions or pita bread with garlic hummus. Care to help me decide?

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Your lunch sounds much more healthy than mine. I have a chicken sandwich on whole wheat, a low fat pudding some cheese and an apple. (Although this is much healthier than I ever eat! - I would love to grill vegetables)

Speaking of that, what exactly do you do when you grill them? Is it on an indoor BBQ? Or in the oven? Just looking for ideas. As for zucchini...I've only had that deep fried although very yummy, it's not healthy in the least.

Guess I'm not much help in the deciding factor.

Monday came about way too soon for me since I lost my saturday. Spending a whole day in bed on a weekend is no fun.

Guess what????????

I am off to the gym! I thought I'd try to get back at it this week. Although I would love to join Curves, I am a member at a gym I hardly ever visit. I'm going to try to build up a routine before making up my mind about where I want to work out. Wish me luck......

I also want to go to the book store. We'll see how much I get done.

Bye for now and have a great day.

It sure seems quiet here today.....
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Kind of blah, today. I woke up, at 12:15, this morning and didn't get back to sleep, until after 2:00 When I did sleep, I had bad dreams.

Pearl and Rowdy got up and kept me company, though. NOTHING is going to get Opie up, before 7:00.

Going to the library, today. I just finished my last book.

Guess I'll veg, today.
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It's quiet at my office today too. My nose is all stuffed up, and I'm hoping it's allergies and not a cold. The office manager is sick today, but said that she and her daughter were really sick yesterday. One of the engineers is sick today, too. I really hope I don't catch whatever they have, it doesn't sound like much fun!

Anyone have big plans for Valentine's Day? We're not planning on doing anything too special. Hoping to have enough money to go out to eat but that's about it. I saw the cutest little stuffed animal yesterday, it was a teddy bear carrying a kitten. Earl said he would get it for me, but really, what am I going to do with a stuffed animal? The thought was nice though.
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I am tired. I had a busy weekend with a lacrosse game to see in Toronto on Friday and one in Buffalo on Saturday. We went down to Buffalo with a bunch of people on a bus and it wasn't too bad getting through customes. I was only asked 1 question. Afew people, including my hubby were grilled!

I hate to say it, but Buffalo smells like rotten eggs (sulpher). Hate some great chicken wings for dinner. It was wierd being in "enemy" territory for a game - we were out numbered and the Bandits fans were nasty. I had 1 drunken idiot call me a terrorist - ME! I am as mild mannered as they come. He was getting very aggressive and I was away from the group (bathroom break). Thank goodness hubby came looking for me! It was scary. No probs getting back into Canada. Yesterday I was feverish and stuffed up all day. Today I am just stuffed up. I hate winter!

Hope everyone feels better and I am off to lunch - think I will have a salad.
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ugh, hummus tastes like dirt to me! Go with the zucchini! I use a LOT of zucchini, it's very good for you!

Just got up, still ache and am NOT looking forward to cleaning my kitchen. It's a disaster area and we didn't have time to clean it before the trip, and were too tired last night! On a good note, the weather was beautiful in Klamath Falls, absolutely clear. No snow though Here in Portland we usually get 1-2 snows, but haven't had any this year. For that matter, this time of year Klamath Falls usually has LOTS of snow, they're at 5000ft elevation.
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G - I have a George Foreman grill that I can use indoors or outdoors, its handy. But I miss charcoal grills though.

I went with the hummus, I looked in the fridge and looking at the hummus made me drool - I think I am addicted.

How did it go at the gym? Enjoy the workout? I hope so!

The cats are so crazy at the moment, I have no idea what is going on - they are getting into everything, shredding paper, running around like crazy. I am assuming its the weather.

Have a great day all!
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Well this is my first time posting in a DT. Gosh, I have so much going on in my life these days, I don't know where to start!

It's a long story, so I'll spare everyone, but basically my last day at work is this Friday. I quit my job at this awesome company because I am suppossed to be moving a few hours away for my boyfriend's job. I didn't want to leave the city, but he loves this new job he got, and can go to school for his phd for free, so I had to agree. Part of the deal is that I will only be working part-time, and will be able to concentrate on two little home businesses I am starting. BUT, we haven't been able to find a place to move into, and so it's pushed back to March 1st for our move. THEN, just last week he accepts an interview for a job in town, and says we can just stay afterall if he gets an offer. WHAT???? We spend months stressing over whether or not to move, I finally give in and agree to go, quit my job, tell our landlord, and then he says we can just stay?? I don't even know what to think. It's unlikely he will get a good enough offer, since I will be working only part-time no matter what we do. But we still have the stress of 2-3 weeks to find a place, and in the past month we have been unable to.

On a lighter note, even though my company is great, it does feel good to have one week left before I am part-time! I can't wait to have more time with my furkids and be able to do projects I've been wanting to do! And of course, I will really be able to become a participating member of TCS!! Good things come with the bad, right?

Hope everyone has/is having as good of a Monday as possible!
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Came back from my workout! I feel soooooo good. I stuck to cardio for today and I am surprise I lasted as long as I did on the treadmill. Considering I haven't been feeling my best.

I also went to the book store and bought The Core Program. Kellye mentioned it and I know it was talked about in the Weight loss thread but, I can't find that thread.....*sniff* (or I haven't got enough time to track it down is mor elike it!!!! )

Big Kat......stop in daily, we're always here! I hope things work out job wise. That is a tough situation. Good news is you'll be around more!!!! YAY!

Ady...where have you been girl????? Are you slacking off on the posting? So glad to see you here. That's quite the scary experience for you. Glad things didn't get out of control.
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Well today has been hectic. Just received a call for a 3 day work assignment. I can do all the work from my home computer. Woohoo! I have been in the basement cleaning it up from all the insulating we have been doing. There's pink insulation fibers everywhere! Ick!

Our lawyer just called and we will be sending one last letter disputing poor workmanship and expecting compensation. This ongoing dispute is with a company that did work for us last summer.It's been ongoing on for a very, long time and this will be the last letter to them. The lawyer's fees are getting to high.

Ghys, I'm the one who originally mentioned The Core Program. I received it as a Christmas present and have only read it!

Kelley has been expecting updates, so I'll be starting it tonight! That darned Kiwi, always taking the fun out of things!

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Well I am full of news today. I just got back from the dentist and I have my answer as to what is wrong with my mouth....ick.......I have a mouth ulcer and the dentist said it is sometimes the first symptom of Bell Palsy, but he is hoping a dental treatment tomorrow and a round of antibiotics and pain killers will just make this a dental issue and not a health issue.

I got a fantastic job offer recently, and I have been tossing it around in my mind to see if I wanted to accept it or not. I finally decided to take it, but it means some sacrifice has to be made on my Internet time, so in order to be the Goodwill Ambassodor for CWSI and be the main fundraiser for the organization in the United States, I have turned in my mod badge. I will still be on the boards, but this will free up a lot of my time because I will just be a member now. I think the cats need my help more than you guys do anyway- and I will still answer questions when people are in dire straights. Besides, keep a non-paying gig to pass up a paying one? Nope, doesn't make sense to me!

It's going to be wierd, because I was one of the first four mods on this board- but as I said, I need the time for other important matters.

Big Kat, good luck with your new ventures at hope. I'll bet they will work out fine for you.

It's been a good Monday for me so far- Hope you all are enjoying your time as well!
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MA - as long as you stick around, it doesn't matter to me what title you have!!! Good luck at the dentists tomorrow. Wow! That's sooooo not fun. I'm happy you've got a great job offer. Take in the opportunities as they arise because that's what they are: opportunites. If you don' may not be thee tomorrow.

Kass...Kellye did mention that you had talked about The Core Program in the weight loss thread. She and I were talking about it this morning and she put the bug in my ear. So have TWO people waiting for updates!!!!! :LOL:
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MA - congrats on the job! i hope you heal with the antibiotics.

kass - congrats also on the work assignment! hope the letter comets through on the dispute.

ady - yikes! i can't believe anyone would take sports teams so seriously they would be so rude to somebody.

G - glad you are feeling better.

heidi - hope you are feeling better soon! seems like everything is going around about now.

big kat - i can understand being upset at that situation! i hope it works out for the best for both of you!

kellye - what does hummus taste like (besides dirt LOL)? i see it in the store, but i ahve always been afraid to try it.

nothing new here, really. i just felt like chatting. we are trying to see if we can get away fro a couple days this week or weekend to go to Chicago. we are kidless this weekend, so it would be a great weekend to go.

hope you are all having a great day.
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Sure, Kass, blame it on the kiwi!

I have the book myself too, and I did the self assessment exercises and boy, are my muscles short, untoned and tight! A bit of exercise is in order!!!!! But the thing I like about the book is that its relatively simple. Whew!

MA - I figured it would be an ulcer, when I was 13, I had them all thru my mouth and throat and couldnt eat for a week. It was agony.

Hummus doesnt taste like dirt LOL - they have garlic flavoured hummus and that tastes a lot better. Its made from chickpeas, tahini, and its delicious when you heat up some pita bread and use it to dip into hummus. YUMMY!!!! Dont be afraid to try it, it wont bite!

Congrats MA on the job offer - if you decide to take it, I hope you will still pop in from time and time to say a quick hello!
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Are ulcers and canker sores somewhat similar??? I have suffered from cankers forever. Been to every specialist possible. Nothing can be done. It's something in my blood. And apparently, stress is the main reason for my problem. I too, have them in my mouth and down my throat. Boy.....when they did that test on me, I thought I would die!!!! The doctor inserted a camera in my nose and kept asking me to breathe in and swallow. Yuck. And when it was quick yank. Ouch......I almost threw up all over the doctor. Would have served him right........

Kellye, there's a self assessment in that book? Can't wait to find out how out of shape I am!!!
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Thanks guys. I've been training the girl who will replace me, and it's one of those things where I want her to do a good job, just not better than I did, you know?! :tounge2:

So IS anyone doing anything special for V-day? Someone asked earlier but I didn't see any responses. We will just do the old dinner and a movie I think.

And. . .
Hummus is yummy.
I hate the dentist. MA, I hope your appt. tomorrow goes smoothly and that it isn't a major health concern.
That is great about the new job opps for you, MA and Kass too!
Ugh - a camera up your nose?
Chicago is a lovely city, but what a cold time to visit!!
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Hummus? Working out? Are you all trying to make me look bad?

I just ate a Haagen-Daz ice cream bar - chocolate, dipped in dark chocolate!:icecream:
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Are you trying to make me jealous Cindy?
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Valentines day huh???? I don't think we ever do anything special. Our day consists of chocolate and 2 very wired little boys afterwards!
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
I have suffered from cankers forever. Been to every specialist possible. Nothing can be done. It's something in my blood. And apparently, stress is the main reason for my problem.
Have you tried taking Lysine tablets or Acidophilous (sp?) tablets for your canker sores? I know a lot of people who take these on a regular basis and it really helps get rid of the sores & help prevent them from coming back. Just a thought for you...

Congrats MA! Way too Go!!
Heidi-Hope you feel better...allergies suck, huh? I've got em' all year round
Hope everyone had a good Monday...I'm just happy it's almost over!
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Vikki, you can cringe at the thought and laugh at me! It's okay....all my friends laugh when I talk about this. It traumatized me!!!! (I know...big baby here) Had they told me what was going to be done to me before I went to the appointment, I never would have gone! Although it is a very tiny camera, it has a VERY long hose! I don't want to live through that again. I can still see him get up, say we're through and just yank the thing out. As gently as it was was not removed the same way!

I also worked out on the treadmill today! I plan on going again tomorrow. Got to keep it up!
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