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Rocket, the plumber's apprentice

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I heard some cabinet doors banging somewhere in the house. I didn't pay much attention because I was busy at the computer and because I know Rocket can open some of the cabinet doors that I don't have magnetic latches on. Those are all left empty or with cat-proof and harmless stuff inside. So later I went into the spare bathroom, and sure enough, I found Rocket had been in there:

But it was kind of unusual to see the drawers open and I thought, "Oh, great, now that little sucker has learned how to open drawers, too." But a funny thing happened when I tried to close the drawers. I couldn't close them! They bumped against something and wouldn't go all the way back. Now, what in the world could be in there?

Turns out ROCKET was in there!!
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he found a new hiding place
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That is a great pic. Cracks me up.
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AAWWW! Look at that sweet little face!
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He must have been a little irritated when the drawers started trying to close on him!

I love this guy, he's such a character!
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That is so funny Tim...
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Rockets a curious rascal! So cute! :
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Rocket is a doll!!!
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Such a silly boy! He is a cutie!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
... he's such a character!
He is that, no doubt about it, and he can be trying at times.
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How funny he is!! But so adorable!
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Oh my gosh!!!! I've never seen a cat do that! I would have done the same thing! "Why aren't these doors closing!!"
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Cute little helper you have there.
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